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10 Well Researched Tips for Crypto Betting

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Crypto betting is the new kid on the block, and every bettor wants a piece. Wherever you go, fellow bettors are talking all about it, and when you go online, it’s making the headlines. Everyone wants in on Bitcoin betting these days, but how many people are cashing out on it?

Although many punters are rushing into cryptocurrency betting, only a tiny percentage are having fun. Others jump into it with the wrong ideals, get burned, and return to traditional staking. This article covers tips that’ll help you make the best of Bitcoin betting; follow them, and you’ll be having fun too. 

10 Guidelines for Crypto Betting

If you want to enjoy your crypto betting experience, there are some tips that you need to take note of. These tips will help you start every game with the right mindset. They’ll help you avoid the mistakes that many amateur Bitcoin bettors make.

Some of these tips or guides for Bitcoin betting include:

Try the Demo Games First

Crypto betting brings lots of new things to the conventional betting scene. So, when punters visit a cryptocurrency wagering site, they could encounter new casino games. Some of these new casino games look similar to traditional games, while others are something entirely new. 

Regardless if it’s a new game entirely or a rebranding of an old one, there’s nothing wrong with trying a demo. Demo games allow Bitcoin bettors to try new games without risk.

Acquire a Good Bankroll Management Strategy

Bankroll management is very important for a traditional punter, and it’s doubly so for a Bitcoin bettor. Never visit a cryptocurrency betting website without a plan on how much you’ll be betting. Doing this prevents you from spending more than you can afford to.

Keeping aside a few digital coins for staking isn’t everything; you need to manage them well. You can’t visit a Bitcoin betting platform with 10 Ethereum coins (ETH) and bet 5 ETH on two rounds. That’s poor bankroll management; it’s much better to start lower, like 1 ETH, so that you can play for much longer.

Never Bring Emotions into the Game

You need to understand that every Bitcoin betting game comes with periods of highs and lows. This is to prevent you from getting too emotional about winning or losing. Bringing emotions into a game where luck is the predominant factor is a bad idea.

Intense emotions can make you abandon your well-thought-out strategy to act irrationally. It could make you increase your bets and affect your bankroll management when you’re on a winning streak. All that this does is set you up for a bad fall. 

Never Chase a Losing Streak

This point can never be overemphasised when Bitcoin betting. No punter had a good ending when they increased their bets to change bad hands. They just end up losing more, and when they win, it’s a hollow win that can’t recoup their losses.

As such, if you’re on a losing streak, you should accept the fact that you’ve lost that round. Don’t try to turn things around by sinking more money into the game.

Take a Break

Not all bettors can control their emotions when Bitcoin betting, and not all stakers can avoid chasing a losing streak. If you’re one of such individuals, you can take a break when your self-control is waning. 

Go out of your room, put your phone down, and take a breath of fresh air. As long as you leave that intense gaming environment, your self-control should return. When you’re back to yourself and your head is clear, you can go back for another round.

Go For Games with a High Return-To-Player (RTP)

Not all crypto betting games are designed to favour the player. Some games that offer high payouts come with a very high house edge. So, when you play such games, your chances of winning are very low.

Instead of going for games with a low RTP, you can consider games with a high RTP and a low house edge. Many baccarat, slot, and blackjack games offer RTP percentages that are higher than 97%.

Wager with a Strategy

Although Bitcoin betting is ultimately a game of luck, many professionals have pointed out ways to increase your winning chances. These guides are the so-called betting strategies that you hear about. Playing with betting strategies like the Martingale strategy increases your chances of winning.

Some casino games like hold’em poker and blackjack have strategy sheets. These sheets offer logical responses for every hand you’re dealt, making it much easier to clinch a win. You should keep such guides beside you while you play such games.

Cultivate Patience

Even in the presence of a good strategy, you’ll still need patience when Bitcoin-betting. The best Bitcoin bettors are those who can stay in a game for a long time, waiting for that magical moment when they win. Such individuals can control their emotions and overlook their losses to wait for a good win. 

Every Bitcoin bettor gets rewarded for their patience. So, if you’re a hot-headed individual, you should practice the art of being patient. That’s the only way to enjoy Bitcoin betting.

Stake at the Best Casinos

The first step for every cryptocurrency staker is to look for a good crypto betting site. Your choice of a crypto betting platform can make or break your betting experience. 

So, you should always look for the best sites to ensure you’ll have fun. The best crypto betting websites also offer the best odds and expose you to fair games. The best crypto betting sites are licensed, offer reliable customer support, and have a good online reputation.

Look for the Best Bonuses

Bonuses are a betting incentive that every online casino offers. These include welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, VIP programs, and no-deposit bonuses. 

All these benefits can improve your punting experience and allow you to keep playing for much longer. So, when you’re choosing your crypto betting platform, go for those that offer good bonuses. They’ll enrich your gaming experience and make it worthwhile.


When you follow these crypto betting tips, your chances of winning increase. They also allow you to enjoy your crypto betting experience, so you can have fun regardless of whether you’re winning or losing.

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