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5 essential factors to consider before choosing a shirt

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A shirt is more than just an outfit. It is one of the components that can help you to create the first best impression. A proper-fit shirt can build confidence and make you feel like a boss. When combined right, many little components like the collar style, button, cut, and stitch can lead to a great piece of shirt. But where to find this special shirt? 

Many branded shirts like polo shirts are now available in the market. They are manufactured after years of research on increasing comfort and fitness factors. You can find these shirts in their retail outlets and boutiques. However, every shirt is not for everybody. There are some factors to remember before choosing a shirt. Read further to know about them. 


The fabric should be taken into account when selecting a shirt. The shirt’s fabric determines how it looks and feels when you wear it. Don’t just assume that expensive clothes are excellent and cheap shirts are bad. Both can frequently be erroneous. 

When choosing the fabric, remember the environment in which you plan to wear it. For example, synthetic textiles like polyester and nylon are perfect for cold weather, and natural fabrics like cotton and linen are comfortable under hot conditions. 


Different kinds of occasions do influence the choice of a shirt. So, choose a shirt with a more subdued colour if you’re dressing for a more formal occasion, such as a business meeting. However, if you attend a less formal occasion, such as a barbecue, you can choose something more vibrant. 

Many styles of shirts vary in their stitch, collar, cuts, etc., and each has its connection with a particular event. It is a critical factor because an outfit can set the mood of the occasion. So to be completely involved in the occasion, wear a suitable shirt. 


Everyone would have encountered the unimaginable wide crop top after a few washes of the shirt. This happens mainly because of improper fabric construction. During knitting, the fibres would have been overstretched. 

The fabric returns to its unstretched nature after a wash. Thus, it is essential to check whether the fabric is well-knitted and not stretched. You can figure this out by noticing the unevenly knit fabric. 

Colour quality 

Keep the shirt’s quality in mind when making your selection. A quality shirt will be constructed from a durable fabric that won’t fade over time. Additionally, it won’t wrinkle, so you may wear it without worrying that it will seem sloppy. 

The cloth should, of course, have good colour and print quality. Go for branded shirts like polo shirts to not suffer from colour bleeding of clothes. It is one of the worst problems as it can spoil other garments.

Care label

It is essential to learn the care label as it will have information on maintenance and further vital details. For instance, it can tell you about the composition of the fabric, its weight, etc.

Different materials of shirts have to be taken care of differently. Some cosy materials can have a long maintenance procedure. If you are away from home and cannot maintain it in a particular way, do not opt for it. Improper maintenance can spoil the garment and lead to pilling.

Thus, these are the top factors to consider when choosing a shirt. Only when the above factors are checked can you enjoy the majestic look offered by a shirt. Ensure you check all these factors and prepare for every occasion. 

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