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5 Simple Ways To Use Recruitment Marketing

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1. Take Advantage Of Paid And Organic Advertising

Social media forms a large chunk of just about every employer-branding strategy of an organisation, yet using it for company culture and market roles is often a distinctive challenge.

While social media can be used organically, to achieve this, you need to be mindful that not every social media channel is suited to recruitment marketing. This is why it is vital to find out where your targeted candidates spend most of their time. For instance, LinkedIn might be a platform that is more effective when you organically post open roles, while Instagram Stories will reach more Gen Z and millennial candidates. The same applies to the recruitment content you are sharing.

Regardless of your goals, it is possible to tie both paid and organic advertising into recruitment content and your marketing of roles to make sure your organisation gets in front of targeted candidates.

2. Use Owned Channels

When it comes to recruitment marketing, your best resource is often your blog and your website. These are owned channels that are ideal for promoting your marketing-based content and employer branding that creates interest and awareness for candidates.

A Careers Page, for example, is the perfect web page that you can add important content and consistently update since lots of candidates visit these page types and your recruiters will build a transparent and well-rounded image of the company culture.

Don’t be hesitant when it comes to asking your team of marketers for assistance in creating dedicated sections or web pages for your business website where you can easily promote employer branding, content, or anything else that can assist with attracting candidates.

3. Develop Internal Subject-Matter Experts

Over and above looking at social accounts and company profiles, more and more audiences and candidates follow people and not only companies. This is vital when it comes to recruitment marketing since the aim involves attracting people that are real to your organisation.

While it may be important that you have updated and active online profiles, taking advantage of internal subject-matter experts often helps drive the reputation of your company while sharing recruitment content of value that will engage, nurture, and attract top talent.

Stopgap recruitment offers a range of services, from freelance to permanent placements and executive search. They are passionate about what they do, helping great people and great businesses, find each other.

Consider developing internal subject-matter experts in the way of supporting colleagues and leaders in the creation of thought-leadership content, while positioning those people “as experts in their respective fields and roles”. From here you can use the experience of these individuals across social platforms and your website.

4. Use Newsletters To Attract And Engage Candidates

Even though it has been suggested, email is not dead. Yet this initiative type is not only consigned to marketing, which means you should also be using email to nurture and engage passive candidates which is made possible through effective newsletter marketing.

As you start to build solid relationships with different candidates, make sure you keep in contact with these people which can help you to produce a robust talent pool which is crucial for recruitment in the future. Newsletters are one of the best ways to achieve this goal, through engagement and personalisation. For example, newsletters can be used to communicate company culture news, new roles, business updates, and any other information that is relevant to candidates when they join your newsletter lists.

It is also an excellent way to promote one-to-one conversations with any candidates that are interested in engaging with the newsletters you put out.

5. Change Up Your Recruitment Marketing Content

One of the trade secrets of many content marketers involves repurposing content of value, which ensures that some of your efforts are not only focused on having to create new content from scratch. It also leverages existing content, so that it performs more than one duty. One of the advantages of repurposing marketing content for recruitment is the way it makes everything you have created go much further, which can be really helpful when you are already short on capacity, budgets, or resources.

For example, if you have created and hosted a webinar, you can repurpose this webinar into shorter video clips that you can use on LinkedIn, use it on your Careers page once it is turned into shorter videos, quote, and link it to your blog content. This can help to make single pieces of content reach a lot further without having to add more resources and unnecessary time.

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