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8 Reasons Why Freestanding Bathtubs Are the Best Bathroom Addition You’ll Ever Make

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The addition of bathtubs makes your bathroom more elegant. They provide the most comfort and help with bathing. Bathtubs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to especially suit the style of your home.

However, bathtubs are expensive to install and maintain, so the idea of making one a freestanding design is appealing to many homeowners. A freestanding tub provides a luxurious retreat for soaking away aches or stress after a long day at work or school (or even if you’d like to relax at home).

Freestanding baths are the ultimate design statement. They can be found to fit almost any budget, and there is one for everyone.

If you decide to add them, these are the 8 reasons why you are doing the right thing.

They Are the Ultimate Design Statement

When you’re looking to add a beautiful new element to your bathroom, look no further than freestanding bathtubs. They’re the ultimate design statement and will make your bathroom much more inviting.

They can be made from various materials, from porcelain, and acrylic to tile or stone, and come in many different sizes and shapes. If you don’t like the traditional rectangular shape, if it doesn’t match the rest of your decor, there are plenty of options for freestanding tubs with curved backsides or no backsides.

Freestanding baths can also serve as focal points for other elements in rooms, such as mirrors or lighting fixtures that surround them (think chandeliers).

Freestanding Bathtub Comes in Different Materials

There are three main materials used to make freestanding baths: ceramic, porcelain and acrylic.

Ceramic bathtubs are the most durable of these three and can be found in many different colors, as well as white or gray.

Porcelain bathtubs are less expensive than ceramic but it’s also more fragile than acrylic.

Acrylics are usually cheaper than both types of bathtub materials. Acrylic freestanding tubs best suit bathrooms with low humidity levels.

You could find one that fits in perfectly with your existing decor and style or go with something completely different, like a modern minimalist design.

You Can Find A Freestanding Bathtub To Fit Any Budget

Freestanding bathtubs are an excellent choice for any home, regardless of size or budget. If you’re looking to add a freestanding tub but don’t have much money to spend, there are many options available that won’t break your bank account.

There are multifunctional bathtubs available at low prices. Even if you have a spare bathroom in your home, it’s a perfect addition to your space. Since it is freestanding, it can just fit in the space.

Installation Is Simple

Freestanding bathtubs are super easy to install. If you’d wish, you can do it yourselves or hire a professional to handle it. If you’re going to do it yourself, you can check up online on how to install and do it.

Since it’s not attached directly to an existing floor installation, this bathtub can be installed anywhere within reach of its drain system, including behind walls.  This means that no matter where you live, there will be somewhere nearby where installing this type of tub would make sense.

For example, whether it might be near another existing fixture like a wall-mounted toilet tank and bowl combo unit or maybe even right next door in your bathroom would make your installation easier.

A lot of Placement Options

You can place it in the corner or the middle of your room. You have a lot of options when it comes to where you want to put your bathtub, and they’re all great. There’s no wrong way to place your freestanding bathtub; you can even place it next to a fireplace if that’s what you want.

You can also consider placing the shower right above your bathtub if that’s what you like. This is also a great idea if you have a small bathroom and the space for a shower and bathtub is limited. With the freestanding bathtub in consideration you can place your bathing tub anywhere you’d like and customize your bathroom based on space and your liking.

If you consider a traditional-style bathtub that requires an additional wall, freestanding tubs are beneficial (they don’t take much of the room).

Have a Great Resale Value

Freestanding bathtubs are an excellent investment. Bathtub resale value is one of the most important factors when you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, and freestanding tubs have some of the highest resale values out there.

They’re very easy to sell. For example, if your freestanding bathtub isn’t in top condition and needs some repairs, you can repair it yourself and sell it. Not just for damage, when you’re remodeling your house and you feel like the style and size of the old freestanding tub doesn’t match your house’s aesthetic, you can sell it for a good value.

Given the fact that freestanding bathtubs are durable and last for many years, you can put your old one on resale when you wish.

They’re Easy to Maintain and Simple to Repair

Freestanding bathtubs are simple to maintain and repair. You can easily clean them, change the shower head, or add a second sink for more storage space.

In a freestanding bathtub, most of its exterior is visible which makes it super easy for you to clean and maintain.

A Freestanding Bathtub Makes Your Entire Bathroom Look Bigger

If your bathroom is average-sized or small, adding a freestanding tub to it can be the perfect way to make the room look bigger, spacious, and more attractive.

If you’re looking for an addition that will maximize the size of your shower or sink area, consider adding a freestanding bathtub; they’re designed specifically with this purpose in mind.

If you’re a lover of bathtubs, you no longer need to worry about the space in your bathroom. Regardless of the space, you can install the bathtub without having to give up the entire space for other bathroom additions.


So, if you’re thinking about adding a freestanding bathtub to your home, you should keep these reasons in mind. Your new freestanding bathtub will transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat that everyone will love.

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