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A Guide to Plan Your Wine Tour

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Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is known for its scenic beauty that attracts tourists all year round. The city is a host to the Hobart Yacht Race, Wooden Boat Festival, Dark Mofo, and the Taste of Tasmania food and wine festival gives a celebratory vibe to its visitors. However, if you wish to seek new experiences and try something different other than participating in these festivals, going for Hobart wine tours and sipping some mulled wine won’t be too bad either. And for a memorable wine tour and wine tasting, you need to plan well. So the following is a guide to help you get on with your planning.

Time Considerations

Even before you pick a region for a wine tour, you must figure out how much time you have. There are tour planners that can offer you customised full and half-day tours according to your needs. So when you decide this, you’ll have a better idea of your budget. Also, you note the particulars like hours of operations, tour times, other expenses, and what you will do with the time between winery visits. 

Pick the Best Season

You want the weather to be ideal for your winery tour. And the best time for Hobart wine tours is between March and November, as it is the harvest season, and you can have a wonderful experience with your wine tasting. However, if you’re planning the tour during this time, it is best to start a little early to avoid the rush. You can also plan during the off-seasons if you wish to have a more private experience.

Get the Right People to Join You

Wine tours are a great way to break away from the monotony of your daily life. So, plan your tour with people who are adventurers, love outdoor activities and appreciate gastronomy. And if you are a wine nerd, you have many diverse things to experience, like an oenology masterclass or blind tastings. The experiences you can have during wine tours are limitless, so pick the right group of people for the tour. 

Combine Both New and Old Wineries

Hobart has more than 80 wineries. So while it is apparent that you will visit some of the new wineries, don’t forget to delve a bit deeper to know the enticing details of the older wineries. And when you plan such a diverse tour plan, your experience with winery visits will become all the more exciting. However, try to visit 3-4 wineries in a day, as this way, you can try several versions of wine in a region without getting drunk and rushing throughout the day to keep up with your schedule.

Plan Your Meal and Sightseeing

When you taste good wine, you ought to have some excellent food too. So, if you want to understand the essence of Hobart truly, you must try the local cuisines with the view of the vineyards right in front of your eyes. Also, as you plan Hobart wine tours, don’t miss out on some sightseeing. Including a visit to the spectacular landscapes of Bruny Island or the Museum of Old and New Art in your itinerary will make your tour much more exciting. For more updates, visit: https://magazinestime.com/

Make Advance Booking

There are several family-owned wineries in Hobart, so it is best to make bookings in advance as they need to arrange tours depending on their availability to guide the tours and tastings. Hence, it is better to book the tours ahead of time. Also, if you make last-minute plans, don’t forget to call and check their availability. 

The experience of your wine tour should be relaxing. Therefore, plan your itinerary in a way to enjoy various experiences that don’t make you tired and exhausted. So, start gathering all the information and set out for your wine adventure.   

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