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Achieving a Balance Between Work, Motherhood, and Breastfeeding

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Your Body Won’t Always Do What You Want

You may think that breastfeeding won’t be an issue, and you’ll be able to multitask; feeding the newborn and conducting a conference call or something similar simultaneously. That’s a fine fantasy, and many mothers do reach the point where that’s possible. However, most mothers have a bit of a “learning curve” to contend with first.

For example, you’ve got to learn how to find proper “latching” with your newborn. They don’t have any musculature in their neck, and you’ve never nursed a newborn before. You’ve both got some learning to do. Certainly, sometimes this is easier than you may expect. In other scenarios, you can’t seem to find a good latch with your newborn no matter what you do.

If the latch is fine, then you’ve got the issue of sore paps to consider. Your nipples will get sore, and they will toughen; but it’s not going to happen overnight. It’ll take a few days or weeks depending on your biology and mental fortitude. On that note, keep in mind your body may not express milk unless you’re in the right mood.

Many mothers who have trouble with the pain of breastfeeding have to pump separate from their infant’s hunger. Well, your body is designed to sync up with your infant’s hunger cravings, so it can be hard to express out of the “cycle”. You can augment the cycle, but it isn’t easy.

Tips to Help Your Body Produce Milk

To encourage breastmilk expression, smell your baby’s clothes, put on gentle music, be in a soft-light environment, and maybe play recorded sounds of your baby’s voice. These things can subconsciously encourage your body to express. Even then, though, you still may encounter other, distinct and common problems of breastfeeding.

So multitasking isn’t always easy as a new mom. You might have to spend a few months determining how you and your body react to certain things, and how your newborn’s hunger cycles sync up with yours. Eventually, once you find your “cruising altitude”, as they say, you’ll be able to conduct a conference call with one hand and nurse your babe with the other.

Being as Ready as You Can Be

That’s not going to happen immediately, though. Thankfully, working from home has become a common trend of the year 2022, and that trend looks as though it will only expand in time. This means your present occupation may have more leeway in terms of maternity leave than it once did. That won’t be the case with all companies, though; especially if you’re self-employed, or a contractor.

What makes the most sense is surrounding yourself with resources you trust, and doing as much preparatory work as you can in advance. Get advice from pros, find support networks, acquire the tools you need, expect the unexpected, and give yourself a margin for error. With such a foundation, you’ll be able to find your balance as a professional mother.

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