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All About Gucci Belt: Guide To Buy, Review, Price

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Gucci Marmont belts entered the fashion scene and are here to stay; years later, they are a superb designer staple. There’s a choice for everyone, whether you want to go understated with a small Gucci belts or loud and flamboyant with a large Gucci belt. Hopefully, my Gucci belts buying guide and Gucci belts sizing and review will help you pick which Gucci belts to buy, and no, you’re not too late to get a Gucci belts since, fortunately for us, they continually releasing new patterns and sizes in the belts.

Gucci belt price in India

Gucci belts in India starts from $390 and go to $988. You can shop Gucci belt on www.farfetch(.com). There you can find a variety of Gucci belts like Gucci Leather belts, crystal belts, interlocking belts and so on! It is indeed a fashion statement to wear a Gucci belt and no wonder people are still a fan of it.

Are Gucci belts available for purchase?

No! I’ve never seen a Gucci belt on a Black Friday sale or a Christmas discount, and I’ve never seen Gucci belts discounted in Bicester Village or any designer outlet, because it’s a best-selling, current season item.

Are Gucci belts gender neutral?

I’m frequently asked if men’s and women’s Gucci belts are the same; I know men’s used to be cheaper, but now they’re exactly the same, so yes, whilst Gucci belts used to be more geared towards women, they are now truly the same and there’s no price difference!

Different varieties of Gucci Belt

With so many different types of Gucci belts, it’s no surprise that many are confused, so I thought I’d talk about the different types of Gucci belts in the hopes that they will help you make your decision.

Gucci Belt
What makes it special?

People usually choose the 4cm Gucci Leather Belt With Double G, which is the original and most popular Gucci belt, with a large buckle that isn’t too ‘in your face and a good, broad leather belt that fits within jeans with a little pressure. The 2cm Thin Gucci Belt With Double G is the next most popular, and it’s ideal if you’re seeking for a slender Gucci belt that also looks great coupled with dresses around the waist. This is a very understated painting, in my opinion.

Gucci Belt 2cm Thin With Double G – £250

This is now my favourite Gucci belt; it’s modest but clearly designer. I actually prefer a thin, smooth leather belt, and the buckle on this one isn’t too large. If you don’t want something ostentatious but still want to look fashionable, these are the Gucci belts for you. I think the 2cm looks fantastic as a waist belt and fits through all belt loops because it’s the correct size. Of course, it comes in a variety of colours, but I particularly like the antique brass hardware and the neutral tones. The width of this Gucci belt is 2cm, making it ideal for use as a hip or waist.

Gucci Leather Belt 3cm With Double G – £295

If you want something a little thinner than the 4cm but a little bigger than the 2cm state the obvious, go for the new 3cm Gucci leather belt – it fits through smaller one loops (my 4cm does fit through loops but it’s a little bit of a squeeze in SOME jeans and would probably look better as a 3cm) and it’s slightly cheaper too but still has a nice big, shiny buckle and doesn’t have Of course, like with other Gucci belts, you may customise the texture, hardware colours, and so on. Personally, I love the brass look because it is warmer than silver, but if you prefer silver for your wardrobe palette, it is also available in silver.

If you want to make a statement, I recommend the 4cm. The thickness is fantastic, and it fits through belt loops with a squeeze and sits nicely as a bulky belt on the waist if I add another hole (it depends what size you go for, waist wise – but I use mine for both). I chose this one because I wanted a medium-sized GG buckle; I like how it’s in your face without being larger than my head. My exact Gucci belt is this one, the 4cm wide leather one with double G buckle, which is available online here. I’ve had it for years and it only gets better with age. My favourite way to wear it is with an all-black ensemble. It adds a lovely, opulent touch, in my opinion.

Gucci 4cm Wide Leather Belt with G Buckle – £295

If you want to save some money on your Gucci belt, you can purchase the broad leather one with a 4cm width for £295 if you select for the textured design. I truly enjoy the rough look, especially with the brown leather and gold buckle!

Gucci Belt 7cm Wide – £715

This is the largest and thickest Gucci belt. Think about something that could knock someone out, and that’s exactly what this is. Will it fit through belt loops? No way, not with a breadth of 7cm! If you want to make a statement, this is definitely ‘in your face!’

Distinctive Gucci Belts:

Some individuals may feel that the original Gucci belt has been overdone and want to buy something a little more unique. I personally LOVE the classic Gucci belts, but I have to say that the lovely, unique, limited edition type Gucci belts have me head over heels. It goes without saying that the smoother, more unusual belts are more ‘future proof’ and will last forever, as they aren’t trend-led products, but I honestly think these unique Gucci belts are so lovely and unique.

Gucci Pearl Belt – £325

There’s no denying that this belt is beautiful. This is probably my favourite colour as well. Who thought I’d be seen with a bright pink leather belt? As previously stated, I believe that neutral colours are ideal for Spring and Summer, whilst black belts are timeless. This is available in a variety of colours, so you are not limited to light pink leather. It has a width of 2cm and can be worn as a hip or waist belt.

Leather Belt With Snake – £450

If you want something a little different, consider the Gucci Leather Belt with a snake buckle, yes, really! It’s odd, but it’s entertaining! If you like history, the serpentine theme was inspired by Gucci goods from the 1970s. This belt has a width of 4cm and can be worn as a hip or waist belt.

4cm Web Belt – £285

If you like the colours of Gucci, I think you’ll like these belts. The Gucci Web Belt would make a great present – I’m a sucker for their red and green. This one is composed of green and red cotton canvas and has leather details; it’s good if you want something different from the all-leather look.

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