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All You Need to Know About Marble Tables

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Marble is a durable and valuable stone. The natural beauty of marble captures people’s attention quickly. Marble is a relatively soft stone used in ancient Rome and Greece to build pillars and structures. Marble topped tables are popular now because they look classic and elegant. Marble top tables are a unique and perfect choice for dining rooms. Using a Marble table in the dining room remains the top choice for many people because it adds a touch of luxury to the place. Moreover, marble tables are easy to maintain and withstand extreme heat.

Marble is available in various colours, and people can choose one to suit their needs.

Reasons to Buy Marble Dining Tables


The pattern of each marble stone is different because it is a natural material. No two slabs of marble will have the same pattern. This is one of the most attractive features of marble. Marbles are available in various colours and are used to make columns, dividers, table tops, flooring, and bathroom fixtures. They can blend with any style and design and are a highly preferred option in the hospitality sector.


Marble is durable and structures made of marble last for many years. Though marble is a soft stone, choosing a honed finish can help avoid scratches. Marble surfaces resist mould and bacteria. Proper sealing of a marble surface prevents it from getting stained. The colour remains the same even after many years.

Resistant to shattering

Marble has a hard-wearing surface that is highly resistant to shattering. Marble stones without any structural flaws don’t crack easily. Marble is a perfect choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom fixtures. It can withstand high temperatures and doesn’t crack or shatter easily.

Heat resistant

Marble is heat resistant and withstands high temperatures in the kitchen and bathroom. Hot pots and pans do not cause major damage to the kitchen counters. It is also used around the fireplace because occasional sparks can’t damage the marble surface, and it doesn’t turn yellow with high temperatures.


Marble slabs used for counters and tabletops are affordable. Only those that have a whiter surface and more dramatic veining are expensive. Marble is found in various colours, and coloured marble slabs are less expensive. Though marble of darker tones and slight imperfections is less costly, it enhances the beauty of the place.

How to Care For Marble-Topped Tables?


The best way to safeguard the marble is to seal it. The seal creates a waterproof barrier.

However, it is necessary to reapply the sealant every six months. Marble tables that are not sealed are open to stains because marble is a porous stone. Multiple applications of resin sealants help to keep the marble top stain free.

Clean with care

Marble surfaces look their best when they are cleaned every day. Marble tables should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in mild soap and water. Vinegar and bleach should not be used to clean marble surfaces. They are acidic, which makes them eat into the marble and make it appear dull. Abrasive cleaning pads should be avoided as they can scratch the surface of the marble.

Mop up spills

Highly polished marble surfaces are less porous than the matte finish. Spills can stain a porous marble surface and damage it. If liquids like lemon juice, vinegar, wine, and coffee spill on the surface, it needs to be cleaned immediately with a soft cloth. A dirty cloth may push the dirt into the marble while mopping up a spill.

Preventive care

Using coasters to place glasses and mugs prevents unwanted stains and rings on marble tables. Pesky stains spoil the appearance of the marble-topped surfaces. Rust removing solutions and acidic cleaners should not be used on marble surfaces.

Marble furniture makes the place look luxurious and elegant, and a Marble table looks fascinating and attracts people’s attention. A marble dining table adds to the charm of the dining room. It is a good investment and has become popular among homeowners and interior designers.

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