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Best Metal Recycling Service Provider in Canada

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More factors must be considered when choosing the best scrap metal recycling company. These factors include convenience, loyalty programmes, and professionalism. However, finding the best scrap metal recycling company in Canada might be challenging given the wide range of options accessible, especially if this is your first time hiring.

When looking to recycle precious metals, you must be careful to avoid putting yourself at risk by selecting the incorrect business. Instead, you may choose the best metal recycling company using the following recommendations.

What is the recycling of scrap metal?

Scrap metal recycling is removing recyclable metal components from structures and end-of-life items so they can be processed and reintroduced as raw materials for creating new products.

To find the best metal recycling service providers in Canada, you have to look below.

Best Metal Recycling Service Provider in Canada

  • Langilles Metal Recycling

By properly and sustainably recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Langille’s Metal Recycling brings passion and experience to the cause of protecting the environment. Langille’s is a third-generation metal recycler with more than 25 years of industry experience. David, the company’s founder and CEO, began learning about the industry at a young age because metal recycling was a family business. David always had a goal for Langilles’ future: to become a one-stop shop for all people’s scrap needs. David has gained valuable knowledge of every facet of the business by beginning as a peddler.

David’s understanding and service standards at Langille’s have also improved due to his frequent travel and yard tours. David spends time exploring the neighbourhood yards, even when the family is on vacation abroad!

David, an outdoor enthusiast, adheres to the most current industry requirements for environmental disposal procedures, including those set forth by the ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) and CARI (Canadian Association of recycling). Langille’s Metal Recycling is at the top of our list of the best scrap metal recycling company in Canada due to its pricing, quality of work and professionalism.

  • Federal metal

In 1950, Herb Kraatz, the company’s founder, founded Federal Metals. Back then, it was a little business, with Herb collecting scrap metal from different stores and building sites throughout the city before sorting and selling it.

Herb Kraatz’s son Marvin acquired control of the business as it expanded over the years and handled Federal Metal’s activities. We relocated the company to the 12-acre yard where it was now in 1985. Soon after, in 2008, Marvin’s daughter Leslie and our co-owner Dan Klufas took over the family firm.

Being a part of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries makes Federal Metals quite happy (CARI). The goal of CARI is to encourage commercial recycling initiatives with the greatest net economic and social effect. Moreover, Calgary is a bustling metropolis that is constantly expanding. And that may bring a lot of metal that needs to be recycled. So work with a genuinely caring team by making Federal Metals your one-stop shop for all your metal recycling needs!

  • Canada Iron & Metal Co

Since 1937, Toronto’s Canada Iron & Metal Co. has recycled scrap metal, used vehicles, and electronic trash. Their Toronto scrap metal yard, which is open to the public and is situated near the intersection of Jane and Dundas, accepts both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal and automobiles and e-waste products. They have been Toronto’s go-to yard for half a century because of our commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, integrity, and customer service. For over 45 years, they have served clients in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, and the Greater Toronto Area as a fully integrated scrap metal recycling operation.

They provide a variety of bin services for the industrial, demolition, and other industrial sectors. For your site, we have a fleet of Mack trucks and a selection of bins ranging from 14 to 50-yard containers. Bins can be given if your location is cleaning up a lot of metal. In addition, we bring dumps, scows, flatbeds, and mobile equipment to the job site for more difficult tasks. They excel in balancing safety, ethics, and meeting deadlines. 

Recycling metal is vital for everyone

Environmental problems and their remedies are frequently presented in a complicated manner. However, the benefits of recycling metal are undeniable: doing so is profitable. We stand to receive economic and environmental benefits from more recycling that are relatively simple to measure. Making a big difference is made straightforward by scrap metal recycling facilities. Additionally, you will frequently get rewarded for the recycled metal! Therefore, don’t allow the metal to accumulate on your job site or in your garage.


Canada’s economy primarily relies on metals, yet the supply on Earth is limited. As a result, recycling metal is crucial to help satisfy demand and has numerous economic and environmental advantages. Recycling scrap metal is effective, affordable, and repeatable. It prevents metal from ending in landfills, generates employment, and saves energy and resources. Because of their professionalism and impressive portfolio, Langille’s Metal Recycling is at the top of our list for this topic.

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