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Cartoon Skinny Character: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

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The basic concepts of having a fictional character with unrealistic body type is a growing problem in our society. The cover of the fashion magazines is very bad enough, so we certainly don’t need cartoon character parading unattainable bodies which is in front of the youth of the world. However, day by day again we see many characters design with no respect for reality at all. Their eyes are way larger than the waist and they have a heavy breast that would have instantly induced the terrible back pain, and they also have a rock bulging muscle which look very horrible and that would also make the Arnold Schwarzenegger insecure.

The very worst example of this is that fictional cartoon character whose bodies are simply scientifically very impossible. The unreal proportion of some of the cartoon characters and video game character are in just attainable for regular human, they outright defy the law of the physics by their overall body character. As if these characters tried to exist in the real world, they would have immediately gotten suffer from the broken limbs, collapsed spines and they might have probably a severe lack of integral organs. we can say that they have designed no way that is not just unrealistic and disproportionate but also downright nonsensical.

here are some of the examples of the skinny cartoon character which look very unrealistic:

ARNOLD SCHWAEZENEGGER: Cartoon Skinny Character

Arnold is from the hey Arnold might have been able to get through life alright might only. His mother on the other hand wouldn’t have a single chance of surviving childbirth, as his gigantic, football shaped head, and for skinny body surely ruin her body on the way out. The Arnold lopsided Dome would also mean that he himself would have to spend his rest of life wearing a neck brace or risk snapping his spine and make him wind up to paralyse at the slightest provocation. even though he is wearing his trademark had would be a risky move for him and the tragedy waiting to happen.


Gru who is the most notable non minion character, which is from the Despicable Me, who is obviously not design like a real but proper body proportion man. The character designer may have taken that a bit literally like however the Gru does not look like a man who could easily stand on his feet himself for a very long time. He designed in a very unrealistic way. his body is quite very wide at the top and very consistently taper down at the bottom, concluding all with what could only be described as the absurdly weak ankle.


We found that most of the anime character employee creepily long arm which look very awkward the trope when designing these characters, but especially are really takes thing too far. The show and manga or anime character that inspired it have a character with extremely very skinny arms that in some case actually reached down to their knees and they look really indifferent and terrible.

So, these are some of the skinny cartoon characters which look very different because of their proportion of the body.

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