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Charlotte Corden: James Corden’s Daughter Bio, Age & More Facts

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Charlotte Corden Introduction

Charlotte Corden is not a small name. She is the girl of James Corden, who is now one of the best late-night talk show hosts in the United States. James Corden, who is a famous West Ham United fan, is a famous comedian, late-night show host and actor too.

Charlotte Corden with Mother Julia Carey
Charlotte Corden with Mother Julia Carey

Charlotte Corden Biography

Charlotte came to this world on December 12, 2017, in London, Los Angeles, California, United States of America (USA); having Sagittarius as the zodiac sign and carrying dual citizenship. Being born in Los Angeles gives makes her an American citizen. His father is from England, so it gives her citizenship of the United Kingdom (UK) too.

Charlotte Corden Age, Height

Charlotte Corden is a very young lady who is 5 years old now. As a growing kid, her height is becoming bigger month after month. This is also putting her weight height at a small-small level. Charlotte has magnetic hazel eyes and blonde hair. It is the look of her father and mother. Many do say that she has taken the features of her mother more than her father.

Charlotte Corden Family

Charlotte Corden is blessed to be born into a very rich and stable family. Her father is the one and only James Corden, who is one of the best late-night show hosts of all time. The mother of Charlotte is Julia Carey , who is the one who spends the most time with her. Her mother is also a former actress.

Charlotte Corden -  Father, Mother and Siblings
Charlotte Corden – Father, Mother and Siblings

She has 3 siblings including her. Charlotte has a brother and sister while she is the youngest among all. Her elder brother Max Corden was born in 2011, while her sister Carey Corden graced the world in 2014. Being the youngest in the house, she is truly pampered as she is getting the best childhood from the start among her siblings. At the time of Max, James was working hard in the UK. Stable but not too much. And Carey did get great things too but now James is set for life.

Charlotte Corden Professional Career

Charlotte Corden does not work as of now as she is too young to do so. But she does her work which is to stay cute and be the one that pushes her father to work well for making a better life for them. It is what kids do to push parents to work well, so they can be at the top and help the family at its best.

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His father is working very well and earning millions of pounds for interviewing celebs. This is the power of the Corden family as is the first one from the UK to start a show in the US and made it the best thing ever.

James Corden Replaced by Harry Styles (For One day)

When talk show hosts do have other for to do for some time, a week or more, they do invite celebs to host the show as it does give it better rates and makes things follow in a better manner. World-famous singer Harry Styles, the show happened in Dec 2017 and was uploaded on the 13th of Dec on the show’s official YouTube channel with the headline – “Harry Styles to the Rescue!”

Harry Styles

As the show must go on, so the celeb’s friends do help these late-night hosts to make things better. It has got more than 10 million views on the initial video, where he did a monologue. This is the impact of Harry Styles, who did a music video directed by James Corden in 2020 named Daylight, which was fun to watch and see how good friends they are. He did host Tracee Ellis Ross and Kendall Jenner. It has millions of views across major social media channels.

Charlotte Social Media

Charlotte Corden is not on social media – but his father does keep on saying things about her on his show sometimes when other celebs talk about his children. He once said that his box Max has a British accent. But the girls have that pure Los Angles accent, which does speak a lot about them. One can take a look at the Insta of James Corden, where the famous Comedian and late-night show host does have many moments of Charlotte.

Charlotte Corden Net Worth

Charlotte Corden is a kid, so she does not work. It means she does not earn money. And it feels like she has no need to earn money and be the kid, smile and make this world a better place. Her father is super rich, having a net worth of $75 million as of 2023. He does earn most of his money from The Late Late Show With James Corden, which did start back in 2015. The show has worked for CBS and it feels Corden has many more years ahead of him. The show does help him to have many more projects in his hands.  

Charlotte’s – Quick Facts ! 

  • Charlotte Corden’s brother Max has Sir Paul McCartney as his God Father. Even he has been named Max McCartney Kimberley Corden.
  • Kimberley is the middle name of the father James, so the kids do also have this middle name.
  • Charlotte has Malcolm Corden and Margaret Corden as his grandparents.
  • Ruth Corden and Andrea Henry Corden are his aunts.
  • Harry Styles is the beloved uncle of Charlotte.
  • Charlotte is a West Ham United FC fan as James does like to follow his kids having the Hammers as their beloved side in the Premier League.
  • She does like pink colour the most.


1. Who is Charlotte Corden?

Ans. Charlotte Corden is the third child and second daughter of James Corden.

2. Who is Charlotte Corden’s father?

Ans. James Corden is the father of Charlotte Corden?

3. Where was Charlotte Corden born?

Ans. Charlotte Corden was born on December 12, 2017 in London, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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