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Glew: Complete Information Including Benefits And Alternatives

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Glew is a multichannel business intelligence and e-commerce analytics platform that is beneficial to digital agencies, online merchants, B2B sellers, and retail businesses alike. Users get notifications, information about their companies, and automation to assist them in retaining the loyalty of their customers and improving their products to increase sales and profitability. E-commerce businesses will have an easier time with reporting and analytics as a result of the platform’s provision of complete connectivity for e-commerce.

Glew provides answers to basic questions about reporting for online commerce, questions that Google Analytics and other e-commerce platforms are unable to answer on their own. This tool takes into consideration the consumers, product sales, performance measures, and cost of goods sold. It is possible to quickly generate a broad variety of useful metrics for e-commerce, including gross margin, client lifetime value, and net profit, amongst others.

Glew is an appropriate business intelligence and analytics platform for firms who want to boost their sales while minimising the amount of time and resources wasted on the endeavour. When it comes to e-commerce enterprises and agencies, making use of the possibilities offered by this platform, there are a number of benefits. It has a number of important properties including the following:

  • Analytical tools that can reliably identify products and their users

Glew’s primary mission is to streamline the process of conducting in-depth research on various products. E-commerce platforms’ data are studied in order to present users with actionable insights that may be taken from the findings. For example, the insights help you to make informed choices on pricing, improve your stock management, and boost your bottom line. In addition to this, it gives business owners the ability to do customer analytics, which may be used to determine the whole worth of a client’s lifetime business. Both customer-centric KPIs and rates of repeat business from current customers are simple to develop and are able to be done so with relative ease.

• Effortless tracking of the store’s overall performance

Glew also has functions for managing a store’s inventory and customers. The technologies provide proprietors of businesses with the ability to automate processes, provide individualised alerts, and get expert guidance. Analytics of store performance are offered, which assists company owners in fostering growth and maximising performance in their companies. When it comes to monitoring everything, Glew’s dashboard is by far the most effective tool available. On this dashboard, you get a bird’s-eye view of everything happening at your store, so you can easily monitor its performance.

• The management of relationships with customers has to be enhanced.

B2B marketers are able to construct campaigns that are one-of-a-kind and specifically designed for their consumers by using the straightforward CRM module offered by Glew. By simplifying customer relationship management, the module increases customer loyalty as well as customer retention. Using the critical information provided by the CRM module, one may also determine the purchasing patterns of customers.

  • Show visitors what they’ve requested by personalizing your site’s content

You can easily monitor the purchasing behaviour of your customers by using eCommerce analytics, which is still another advantage. This allows you to gain from your customers’ spending habits. You can utilise all of this information to your advantage by calculating which products a client has previously bought as well as how many of those things they have left in their shopping cart before leaving the store without completing their purchase. Consider the case of a customer who shops at your establishment twice a year to get the same pair of black shoes. Because you are certain that they will be interested in this product, you should contact them by email and provide a link to it. Their shopping experience will be simplified as a result. Ensure that the consumer receives just what it is that they want and need, and make the process of making a purchase as easy as it can possibly be for them.

• As you engage in conversation with site visitors, you should make it your goal to convert them into paying clients.

If you wait for a potential customer to come across your website by accident and expect that they would make a purchase from you, you are setting yourself up for failure. You will need to put in extra effort to track down your ideal customers if you want to cultivate a clientele that is not just reliable but also committed to your brand. If you maintain track of your consumers, you may then potentially increase the quality of the connections you have with them. As an example of this concept, let’s pretend that a potential customer comes across an advertisement for one of your most popular products while browsing their social media feeds. Even if they do not make a purchase after clicking on your advertisement, the fact that they registered to your email list is a win for you since it increases the likelihood that they will in the future. At this point, you are free to send them an email with information about your store and company. Include repeats of your most popular products in a designated section of your website or on the homepage itself. You may find the Glew’s Hot Product Segment helpful in determining which products to spotlight.

Trying to find a glew alternative?

Glew price begins at 0 per month as a fixed charge and includes a free trial for enterprises with 2 to 200 workers. When it comes to data connections, visualization, and functions/calculations, the majority of users utilize Glew. However, it may not be the best fit for your specific needs. There are many alternative tools out there that might be a fantastic fit for your requirements, regardless of how important simplicity of use, price, user rating, or value for money are to you.


Choosing a Business Intelligence Software isn’t only about finding out how experts rate it; it’s also about finding out whether the real individuals and businesses that purchased it are satisfied. So we’ve developed our behaviour-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that gathers customer reviews, comments, and Glew ratings from a wide variety of social media sites. The information is then shown understandably, revealing how many people had a great or bad experience with Glew. After reading this, you should be well-equipped to make an educated purchase that you won’t later regret.

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