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Greatest Women Bowlers: Fierce List

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Do you have any idea who some of the best bowlers in the history of cricket were? If you like the game of cricket, you probably already know all there is to know about it. Yet, it’s quite likely that all of these players are male. Women’s cricket is a sport that almost everyone is acquainted with. You could have even chosen to go to some of the games. Despite this, only few people were able to recollect the starting lineup for the squad correctly.

According to Female cricket news, women’s cricket is becoming more and more popular. For instance, about 80,000 fans watched the Women’s T20 World Cup final. You may read about the greatest female bowler in women’s cricket history right here. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re new to the sport and want to learn more. Yet, if you stumbled into this list by chance, there has never been a better opportunity to get started.

  • Dane Van Niekerk –

South Africa is mostly well-known for their quick bowlers. That may come as a surprise to some, but one of the finest South African bowlers is a leg spinner. In the history of One-Day Internationals, Dane Van Niekerk is the first female bowler to record 100 dismissals. She also serves as the captain of the South African squad in all competitions.

In both Twenty20 Internationals and One-Day Internationals, Dane Van Niekerk has a strong resume. She has only participated in one actual game thus far. She bowls at an average of 19.14 in ODIs. Her greatest performance while bowling is 5 out of 17 strikes. It’s difficult for men who bowl to get those sorts of scores.

She was one of the finest bowlers ever based on her performance in One-Day Internationals and Twenty-Twenty Internationals.

  • Ellyse Perry  –

For a very long time, Australian male cricket has been in need of an all-rounder. The finest all-around player in the history of women’s cricket, however, may exist. Ellyse Perry began bowling that year. She could be the greatest female bowler in history. She has since participated in 152 Tests, 109 ODIs, and 21 T20 International matches for her nation.

  •  Nosheen Al Khadeer –

The Indian women’s cricket squad has improved significantly. Nonetheless, there were far too few facilities for women to play cricket.

In addition, the players enjoyed playing games. Lack of enjoyable activities at home didn’t help. Nosheen Al Khadeer handled everything most of the time by herself. She participated in her debut one-day international in 2002 against England.

Just five of the tests were played by Nosheen. She did, however, bowl quite effectively in the ODI. In 78 games, she claimed 100 wickets. She ranked as the top bowler in the world in 2003. At the conclusion of her career, she had a 24.02 career average. She picked up 5 wickets in her finest ODI bowling effort while only allowing 14 runs to be scored.

  • Isha Guha –

The game of cricket was invented in England. England was certain to produce the greatest female bowler in history. Isha Guha, an immigrant’s kid, was raised in England. She did perform there between 2001 and 2011. She used her right arm to bowl at a medium pace.

She participated in 137 Test matches and 94 One-Day Internationals during her career. Isha has one of the highest bowling averages in Test matches. She only took eight examinations, yet she still managed to get an astounding average of 18.93. She had a similar success percentage with 101 wickets in 83 One-Day Internationals.

Also, she was a member of the 2009 World Cup-winning squad. Isha said that it was her most enjoyable workday ever.

  • Clare Taylor –

Some athletes struggle to match Clare Taylor’s level of talent. She joined the football and cricket teams since she was so physically fit. It’s incredible that she also participated in the World Cups for cricket and football. Clare was able to work simultaneously at both of her jobs.

In 1988, this lady made her debut appearance. In 16 tests, Clare took 25 wickets. Her grade point average is 40.44.

  • Stafanie Taylor –

The West Indian fast bowlers were unstoppable in the 1970s and 1980s. Given this, it is probable that the West Indies have a long tradition of producing talented bowlers. Now, the West Indies is home to the greatest female bowler in history. The finest off-break bowler in the world is Stafanie Taylor. Now, Stafanie is a representative of her nation on the international arena. She first appeared in public in 2008.

  • Jenny Gunn –

For the last few years, slow seam bowlers have been less and less popular. The batters closely observe the slow seam bowlers in an effort to score more runs. This raises the accomplishments of Jenny Gunn to an even higher level. Her ODI bowling average is excellent despite the fact that she doesn’t bowl particularly quickly.

She averages 28.10 in ODIs and has 136 wickets. In her greatest bowling effort, she took 5 wickets and only allowed 22 runs to be scored. It’s interesting to see how much her poor pace has aided her in T20s. She therefore has a bowling average of 19.82 and 75 wickets.

The speed has slowed down a little, allowing her to take more wickets during the powerplay. Jennifer continues to compete with the Northern Diamonds in T20 competitions.

  •  Anisa Mohammed –

Most athletes are already adults when they make their debut in professional competition. Anisa Mohammed began her professional acting career at the age of only fifteen.

Anisa is the only bowler from the West Indies to date to have taken 100 ODI wickets. She then made history by being the first bowler from her nation to capture three wickets in a Twenty20 match, solidifying her position in cricket history.

She has 151 wickets in One-Day Internationals while giving up 20.51 runs per game. Five wickets were taken by Anisa in only one innings of play. She has a similar track record for wickets in Twenty20 Internationals, with a 120-17-30 total.

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