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How To Create The Best Makeup Tutorial Videos By Yourself

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If you are new to the world of makeup tutorials, creating a video can seem complicated. However, with some basic knowledge and a bit of help from some of the best YouTube tutorials, you will soon be able to create some awesome makeup videos.

The idea to create the first DIY makeup video was probably as simple as: “Hey, I want to film my makeup routine and post it online, so other people can see what I’ve been doing.”

This article is meant for those who are looking to create their first-ever YouTube or Instagram video but need some guidance to start their journey. There are many aspects to consider in creating a video, including filming, lighting, editing, and audio.

In this beginner’s guide, to help you film and edit makeup videos, we’ll walk you through the process of creating your first tutorial. We’ll also give you some helpful advice and tips on creating a fun, interesting video that is both informative and appealing to your audience. Visit avple for free video sharing.

Preparing For Your Shoot

There are many variables that go into the process that it’s easy to get overwhelmed—the location, filming, editing, musical background or voiceovers, graphics, etc. The best part is that all of these things do not have to be difficult if they’re laid out in a creative and manageable way using proper video editing software.


If this is your first time filming yourself applying makeup or if it’s been a few years since your last tutorial, it’s crucial that you take the time to prepare for your shoot. The right preparation is crucial to having a successful shoot. To ensure that you have the highest quality video possible, an online video maker can prove useful. 

Before you start filming, consider finding a location that minimizes background noise and out-of-focus visuals. Having your own makeup room or creating one with blackout curtains is ideal, but this luxury isn’t available to many of us.

If you’re going to film in your bedroom, make sure you turn off the television and close your doors to be as quiet as possible when you begin recording. If possible, try to find a location that you know will be free from distractions. 

Having a tea party in your bedroom is an absolute nightmare when editing your video because it’s important that you choose a location that doesn’t involve any distracting objects like shabby furniture or anything hanging from the ceiling.

Set Up A Space With Good Lighting

If you’re filming any tutorial, it’s essential to set up a separate space to film — this way, you won’t have to worry about the lighting in your room reflecting off your face. The best place is usually right near a window, but if you don’t have one in your apartment or home, try setting it up with a bright lamp or another light source. The best way is to use a Ring Light. 

You’ll most likely have to experiment with different types of lighting before finding the perfect angle for filming yourself. However, note that your face should never be directly in front of the light source. It will create extra shine and glare on your skin.

Instead, try positioning yourself at an angle with the light source coming from the side. This will eliminate the shine on your face while still illuminating you perfectly. If you have a second person helping with filming and lighting, they can also hold a reflector or diffuser to fill in any shadows cast by the harsh lights. 

Use Tripods/Stands For Extra Stability

Using a tripod or makeshift stand for your video can help eliminate any shaking. You can also use tripods for alternative angles, such as using a selfie stick or hand-held camera, which are especially helpful when filming yourself.

Editing Tool

There are many professional and easy-to-use online video editors and video maker tool that can be used to create professional-grade videos with ease. A video maker can be used for its special effects, easy-to-use templates, and royalty-free music soundtracks. 

Editing tool lets you add photos and videos to the movies or projects of your choice directly from your computer or phone. 

Recording And Editing 

You need to make sure that you use a good camera and suitable gear to shoot the video. While taking a selfie may seem like an easy way to film your video, it isn’t always the best choice. 

Taking a picture of yourself with a normal camera phone isn’t good enough, especially when you have access to beauty products that can give you more control over lighting conditions. 

We’d highly recommend investing in quality camera equipment or a good camera phone. Without beautiful lighting and high-quality camera equipment, your videos will look like amateur footage.

Also, recording your own videos and editing them should be perfect and neatly done with the best video makers in the market. Ensure that they’re not shaky and out-of-focus to make your video resume pop without being cliché. To get a quality audio and video recording of your voice, you need a discrete microphone, ring lights, and a good online video editor. 

Adding Subtitles To Your Video

Subtitles are an excellent way to ensure everyone watching your video, especially those who speak another language, can follow along. You can either download free subtitles from the Internet or type in your own. 

Uploading The Video

There are a few things to note when you are about to shoot and upload your video:

Know your audience: Before you upload your video, you need to do some research on what kind of audience it will be. Some sites are more popular than others for certain makeup tutorials, so be sure to watch a few before deciding which one is best for your tutorial.

Quality: Make sure the quality is good because they want to see everything the person did to their face or see what products were used in the tutorial and how those looked on their skin. Ensure it is at least 720p so that people can see the details. If you use a mobile camera such as an iPhone, make sure your lighting is good. 

Intros/Outros: It is important for your viewers to get to know who you are and what you do too. Try making them creative or even funny if possible; it just shows people that you are not afraid to have fun with what you do. 

Now, you are all set to go! 

Follow the steps mentioned above to shoot, edit, and upload your makeup videos with the help of a suitable location, camera, and online video editor apps. 

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