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How to Distinguish High-Quality CBD Oil from Scam CBD Products?

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The demand for CBD products is burgeoning as more and more people use this hemp-extracted compound daily. That has created a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers to market their products. While there are trusted brands that follow the highest manufacturing standards but the market is full of scammers. The frustrating fact is FDA does not regulate the CBD market, and purchasing a quality product solely rests with the consumer.

Choosing a quality product in the presence of too many imposters is a challenging task. But we have simplified things for you by listing all possible measures to spot fake CBD brands. Read this guide till the end to learn how to spot fake CBD oil and other products.

  1. No Testing Information

The reputed brands get their products tested by third-party independent labs and provide a certificate of analysis (COA). The users can get a clear idea about the concentration of product ingredients such as CBD and THC and the presence of contaminants. Any product without COA indicates the possibility of not containing the advertised ingredients.  

  • Too Catchy Marketing Claims

You can distinguish real CBD vs fake by reading the product labels. Too catchy claims such as ‘fix’ your sleep issues or ‘perfect’ pain relief are big red flags. Under the law, food supplements like CBD are prohibited from making health claims. If a product claims to solve a medical ailment, stay away from it.

  • No Amount Per Serving Listed

Another telltale sign of high-quality CBD products is they list all the necessary information on their labels, such as the amount per serving. In addition to the total cannabinoid content in the bottle, a CBD product should inform users how much CBD they will get from each serving. This information will help you take accurate dosing without overdoing it.

  • Meager Prices

You may feel tempted to look at the price tag, but in the CBD space, a low price may signify a fake product. Going for a dirt-low price might result in purchasing a product that does not contain CBD or is not fit to use. CBD oil is still expensive, and any drastically cheaper product is a sign to take notice of it.

CBD manufacturers bear the costs of specialized equipment, qualified staff, hemp raw materials, lab testing, and more. Combined together, they make a high-quality CBD product pricier, and it is highly likely a low-price product is compromised and unfit for consumption.

  • Purchasing From a Convenience Store

Where you get your product from matters in choosing quality CBD products. The convenience store and gas station staff may try to steer you to high-margin products. We recommend purchasing CBD products online as it can help you an informed product purchase decisions. Online stores list the maximum information on a product’s features, enabling users to make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

Choosing quality CBD products is not straightforward. Users worried about how to choose a CBD product can get assistance from this guide. Getting the best CBD oil here and other products requires you to be vigilant and clear of imposters.

Michael Levin is a CBD enthusiast, a researcher, writer and editor in the cannabis space, experienced CBD user and educator. He believes CBD can help improve our overall health and wellbeing.

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