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How To Package, Label & Brand A Product

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If you have a business, properly branding it is absolutely essential. Additionally, you need to make your brand stand out so that it can be noticed by your desired audience. This means that you will have to research and plan appropriately during the developmental stage. Initially, you should discuss various ideas with your family, friends, and business partner if you have one.

Starting up a new business is undoubtedly quite expensive, so money can be quite tight. This means getting a branding agency to assist with the branding process may be out of reach. However, you should consider hiring a branding consultant who can help you to develop an effective brand.

It is wise to invest in your business’s brand since it is necessary for success.

By getting a local agency, you will be able to have in-person meetings. They will also be more affordable and convenient. When you get this type of interaction with your consultant, you will be able to communicate much more clearly about what you want from your brand and what you want to achieve.

Being clear about your objectives from the start will help prevent having to change and fix things later. Many local agencies are open to negotiating and may even offer a cheaper price to start with. They often do this to secure you as a client so that when your business starts to become more profitable, they can get bigger payments. Make sure to take the time to look at all the local agencies available before choosing one.


When it comes to your product’s packaging, it requires a great deal of planning since the process is complex.

You will need to consider where you’d like your product to be sold and the type of display available. Remember that you should create packaging that is as small as possible since retailers wouldn’t want to give up a lot of shelf space. In addition to the size, you also need to pay attention to the shape of your packaging, where you place your labels as well as the handle. Make sure that you create at least a couple of mock packages before you order hundreds or thousands of them. This will enable you to properly test your packaging as well as get feedback from potential customers. This will let you know what your customers like and what needs to be changed.

As mentioned previously, good branding is critical and your packaging is very important to catch the attention of your customers and secure sales. You can get your labels made by a local printing bespoke label solutions company since they will likely be cheaper than a bigger printing company. With that said, how much you order would determine the discount you’d be able to get. If you’re only ordering a couple of samples, then you likely won’t be able to get a bulk buying discount. It is also a good idea to talk to a small design agency as they would typically have many contacts that they can refer you to.


When you need to figure out appropriate labelling for your product, you absolutely need to do thorough market research. This means looking at your competitor’s products and their labelling. This will help you to figure out what strategies work and which ones don’t. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t pay much attention to their product labels and this negatively affects their sales. Be sure to avoid this mistake and carefully create a label that is suited to your product that will help you to generate more sales. Also, take the time to finalize your label before printing since making changes too late are quite expensive.

Your product’s label should highlight your brand and business as a whole. When you have a clear label, it will definitely make your product stand out which is exactly what you want.

You should also remember to add the legal requirements to your labels such as expiry date, ingredients, use-by date, etc. There should also be enough space left for a barcode. If you want to sell your product in different places within Europe, then you should think about adding a Euro hook.

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