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It Is More Than Window Shopping: Confessions, Love

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“When I shop, the world gets better, is better. Then it’s not any more, and I have to do it again,” very conveniently quoted by Rebecca from the movie- Confessions of a Shopaholic. This blog is an idiosyncratic silly take on shopping which most of us probably would relate to. So while we are at it, let me tell you what shopping feels like. Shopping to me is an experience that flushes the dopamine into my system like no other! Selecting from the range of beautiful clothes and finding the best among them which goes with your personal style makes me tickled pink (window shopping).

For example, when I enter a store, my fashion fetish suddenly becomes dominant, ( and I described it as a fetish because post-shopping sometimes is accompanied with guilt for I end up burning my pockets, but whatever!) the way the garments are synchronised according to colour and style, satisfies me to a whole new level. When I see a garment hanging glamorously at the store, staring and compelling me to buy herself in the first place, I get completely drawn! At that moment I know that I just don’t want it, I need it!

(It’s more than window shopping)Why is shopping to be an emotional experience? Is it even worth it?

I have asked this question to myself several times and believe me I know it’s not healthy! I question my stupid decisions for spending unnecessarily on things that aren’t essential. Maybe I could have invested that money somewhere instead of this mundane choice to buy a new pair of jeans. Sometimes when I look at the bigger picture, I think I am an emotional spender, particularly on clothes and accessories (window shopping).

Window Shopping
Window Shopping: Magic

It’s a form of escape to me, escape from guy problems (LOL), usual work stress, career stress and sometimes I just want to feel myself. It gives a sense of relief when I buy that perfect dress which goes with my body type! I wear it once or twice, and then what? I get bored of it and so the desire to buy something different exaggerates.

(It’s more than window shopping ) Emotional Shopping

The emotional benefit of shopping for your wardrobe is that you feel like you have a lot of options. Many ladies complain that they have “all this stuff but nothing I want to wear!” It’s a frustrating feeling to live with on a regular basis. Although I do joke that shopping is my therapy, the concept is really serious. Purchasing something for yourself or others can make us feel better and help us forget about our problems, even if only for a short time. However, it can lead to more serious issues, such as increased credit card debt (window shopping).

Jennifer Lerner of Harvard University and her colleagues claim that melancholy makes people impatient and willing to spend more. When a person feels sad, he is more inclined to give up something bigger and better in the future (like more money) in order to enjoy a lesser benefit right now (like a last-minute spa reservation). For more updates, visit: https://powerksi.com/

Love for Fashion

Sometimes I think, is it my love for fashion or do I just want to feel good about myself? Whatever the answer be, the best thing that I can do right now is thrift instead of shopping from retail giants, it’s comparatively a more sustainable and cheaper way to shop these days. Slow shopping might take time and I am taking baby steps towards it, nowadays I follow just one simple step to avoid impulse shopping, I ask myself “ Do I need it? Can I live without it? Can this wait?” And accordingly, I spend. It’s hard to refrain from buying something you love, the sole reason being- it would look beautiful on me! Apart from shopping, styling is one of the things that I like, so I have promised myself that If I can style one shirt in six ways, why do I need to shop more?

You can find fashion anywhere, it’s perfectly fine to shop something you like once in a while but indulging in impulse shopping is a big NO NO I mean there are better options than to live a life in a shopping mall. Norris Nuts Fashion is the new generation latest collection for Teens and young Adults.

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