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Who Is Jayda Wayda and what Is her Love Life? Know everything about her

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Relationship gossip in the Hollywood industry is always a hot topic to know about, but when it comes to someone like Jayda Wayda it becomes even hotter, we know Jayda for plenty of reasons, but the most influential of them is her love affair with Lil Baby aka Dominique Jones, a popular musician, and a rapper in the United States.

Jayda Wayda Age: born on september 25, 1977 her present age is 25 years.

Jayda is herself a self-made celebrity having a total following of more than 10 million overall social media platforms, and we will be talking about all the latest updates on Jayda and Lil Baby and the ups and downs in their relationship.

Who Is Jayda Wayda?

An answer is known to most of you, Jayda Wayda is a popular US celebrity who is a model, an Instagram Influencer and has a Twitter account, and is also an entrepreneur. Jayda’s other popular name is Jayda Cheaves and she started her career very early and rose to prominence through social media like Instagram by posting content daily which connects to the young audience. 

Later she started her stores both offline and online, brands like Amour Jayda and Wayda Shop selling make-up, hairstyle, and clothing products and accessories. After seeing so much success at this early, many young fans are faithfully following her and want to become like her. So, to answer the fans’ questions she has also written a book on how to become a young businesswoman.

Jayda’s Love Life: Her Boyfriends

As of now, she doesn’t have any boyfriend however, she is quite famous for her past relationship, the father of her son i.e, Lil Baby, they both met for the first time in 2016 at a lavish party and they bonded well and came together to form a beautiful relationship.

Jayda and Lil Baby broke up in 2018, the reason is still unknown (some say Lil Baby cheated) but later Jayda found out that she is pregnant with Lil’s child, In Feb month  2019, they were blessed with a son whom they named “Loyal Armani”, To raise their son both of them came to terms and came back to their relationship for the time being.

All about Jayda and Lil Baby’s Relationship

The whole relationship was literally a roller coaster ride. Initially, they both were really into each other, made several public appearances together, and talked about each other on various platforms.

In 2018, after they broke, the news of Jayda being pregnant with Lil’s child came out and flushed the news with controversies. Later, they decided to build their relationship again for the future of their son.

In 2020 the relationship again was having bad turns, Jayda and Lil Baby were not making any public appearances or comments toward each other. The fans of this relationship were disappointed to know about all this. 

But towards the end of the year, Jayda and Lil Baby were seen hanging out together. They were together on many occasions, one of them was on Christmas when Lil Baby gifted Jayda a Rolls-Royce Car and a lovely Chanel purse. Later they were spending some good quality time together on vacation to some island.

Fans were excited and happy to see both of them together, channels were covering these updates because of which they were into a lot of talks which also helped Jayda in increasing her fan base.

But just after a short time, Jayda accused Lil Baby of cheating on her and ended the relationship or whatever they had between them. Now they both were taking shots at each other, be it from radio shows or Instagram, or any other way. They just wanted to make the other one burn.

And now, the relationship has no status but definitely, the future is not glittering for their relationship.


We agree that every relationship goes through a rough patch, but whenever it’s a relationship in Hollywood it’s definitely not going to go unnoticed.

One of the cutest couples of H-Town Jayda and Lil Baby are now far apart from each other. The only link that remains between them is their son, Loyal. Jayda being a model, YouTuber and Entrepreneur face a lot of workloads as she is also the mother of Loyal and takes full care of him.

We hope the best for both the persons and may the feud end as soon as possible.

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