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Key Things to Know About Pipe Tobacco E-Liquids

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We can all agree that smoking a pipe brings about a classy feeling as doing so can evoke wonderful recollections. While pipe smoking is no longer the in thing for many smokers, there is still a way to relive these amazing memories. The new pipe tobacco vape is the perfect e-juice for you to vape, allowing you to get a nicotine hit without exposing yourself to any kind of potentially health-threatening conditions.

Smoking traditional cigarettes or pipes has been proven to cause several serious medical conditions. As a result, many people have opted to switch to vaping which is much safer. While vaping, you can still use vape juices containing nicotine but avoid the life-threatening illnesses caused by smoking cigarettes.

One problem though is that smokers who switch to vaping find it hard to stick to it, especially if the vape juice does not provide the satisfaction that traditional cigarettes were providing. That is why top e-liquid companies have ventured into creating e-juices that mimic tobacco smoke like the pipe tobacco e-liquid. In this post, we look at the key things to know about pipe tobacco e-liquid.

Key ingredients of the pipe tobacco e-liquid

Vape juices are usually made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring and nicotine if desired. These ingredients are usually mixed in various ratios based on the taste the manufacturer intends the e-liquid to have. Pipe tobacco e-liquid is no exception.

For instance, the ePuffer pipe tobacco e-liquid is made up of 70% propylene glycol, and 30% vegetable glycerin. There is also the aspect of natural and artificial flavours which contribute to 15% of the base ingredients. The nicotine content in these e-liquids varies depending on user preference. EPuffer e-liquids are usually lab-tested making them one of the best pipe flavoured e-liquids on the market.

Why use pipe tobacco e-liquids?

There are various reasons why you can consider vaping pipe tobacco e-liquid. They include:

Satisfying cravings

If you have previously smoked, you will be aware of how difficult it is to satisfy or even suppress cravings for some smoke. This is why it is difficult for many people to quit smoking regardless of the dangers it poses to their lives. Smoking an e-liquid pipe tobacco flavour vape can help you satisfy these cravings and steer you from danger at the same time.

The dose of nicotine in these juices means your nicotine cravings will be satisfied so you do not have to look for a smoke again. The flavouring contributes to giving you the experience of smoking a real pipe.

Great e-liquid to vape when with friends

One thing about smoking is that it always seems much fun when you are with a group of friends. whether you are lighting a pipe or a vape, the experience is mutual. You can now vape the pipe tobacco e-liquid when you are with your friends and fill the air with nice-smelling e-cigarette vapour instead of smoking the dangerous traditional sticks. You still have a great experience without subjecting yourself or your friends to any danger.


Vaping is one of the popular trends in the world right now and it is not hard to see why. There are various e-juices you can choose from—coming in different flavours and nicotine levels. If you are looking for the best pipe tobacco e-juice, ensure you source it from reputable brands such as ePuffer. Happy vaping!

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