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Movies To Watch To Get Your Inner Fashionista Out

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‘Style fades but Fashion remains forever.’

We have been hearing this quote ever since we hit puberty and started exploring fashion magazines to explore the trending looks.

However, if fashion has not let us down since then, don’t you think watching some fashion movies will help you bring your inner fashionista out?

So, what are you waiting for? 

Download the best fashion movies from pirate bay and start watching some of the best fashion movies of the past few decades to get some serious inspiration for your fashion designing career.

If nothing so serious, you can just get some dress ideas for the next party.

Let’s begin: 

1: Clueless

If we talk about fashion movies and don’t put Clueless on top, that won’t be fair at all.

Seeing Cher Horowitz strutting down the school hallway in her yellow plaid skirt and co-ord set, we got the best fashion inspiration in decades.

In fact, the movie was way ahead of its time because the dresses the girls wore in that movie will still look good on us even when decades have passed in between.

In fact, not only Cher, Dionne, Miranda, and Tai also rocked some classic looks and gave us major fashion goals. We strive to become these iconic characters and dress like them at every Halloween party, so KUDOS to this film to make us believe in the power of fashion.

2: Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Rebecca Bloomwood, a.k.a Bex, may be a shopaholic, but she has given us some true inspiration for all the fashionistas out there.

Bex loves shopping, and she doesn’t mind getting in debt because of that.

The message of the film is something more serious. It teaches us how an overwhelming desire to own the best clothes and accessories can ruin one’s life.

Despite that, the looks that Bex carries throughout the film are so inspiring that we drew some good sketches on paper as soon as we saw them.

While some of her outfits are savvy and stylish, some are summer-inspired. So, you can identify which one of her looks you are going to carry to your next party.

3: Crazy Rich Asians

No, the protagonist of this movie is not a fashionista. In fact, she is the opposite.

The major fashion goals in this movie come from Astrid, who is Nick Young’s humble yet rich cousin, and becomes the sole support of Rachel Chu (our protagonist) when Nick’s mother doesn’t approve of her.

When a movie shows rich people, it is bound to show some great fashion icons, and that’s exactly what Crazy Rich Asians did.

Even though Rachel is not a fashionista herself, she has people dress her appropriately for every occasion she attends since she attends Singapore.

From her first 70’s glam-goddess look to her floral tulle Marchesa Gown at the wedding—we love her looks, and we want to recreate them as soon as possible.

4: Sex And The City

How can we talk about fashion movies and not include this iconic one on the list?

We can’t, right?

So, let’s talk about the four best friends of NYC in the 90s and take some serious inspiration from their fashion goals.

This movie boasts fashionable looks for women of all ages. Even though it shows Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York to be some middle-aged women who love fashion, their dresses speak volumes about their fashion sense.


We want to grow up and be like them even when we hit our 40s or 50s. So, watch this movie right now, and GET INSPIRED!

5: A Simple Favor

Blake Lively boasted some of the most jaw-dropping looks of her entire career in this movie, and we adore her for that.

Even though the plot of this movie has got nothing to do with fashion and dresses, we can’t help noticing Blake Lively’s Boss Bi*ch power pantsuits and being awestruck by those.

In spite of a heavy downpour, Emily (Blake Lively) picks up her son from the school in a three-piece suit and 6 inches heels. She even strolls through the park in a white-tie tuxedo for no apparent reason.

Her white-striped pantsuit with tie as she visits the graveyard to visit Stephanie is also breathtaking. 

Fashion Is Fun!

No, you cannot let your inner fashionista out if you don’t get the proper inspiration, and what better way to get inspired than to watch some of the most fashionable movies. luckily you have the perfect platform that is Avple where you can watch your most fashionable movies. So, find the best fashion movies and start watching them right away.

Once you complete browsing our list, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

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