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Murphy Claire Levesque – Triple H’s second daughter and everything you need to know about her

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The celebrity kid, Murphy Claire Levesque, is a loving daughter to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Her parents are one of the most influential personalities in the world of WWE and Wrestling. However, they have disclosed that Murphy and her other two siblings can choose a profession unlikely to their parents. Whether Murphy joins WWE and wrestling is still a big question mark, as she’s only in her young teenage days. 

Biography of Murphy Claire Levesque 

Murphy Claire Levesque was born on the 28th of July, 2008, making her 14 years old by 2023. The American celebrity kid is native to the Connecticut region of the US. She was born white and her family follows Christianity. Apart from Murphy herself, she has two sisters who are fond of each other and received the same love growing up. 

Physical appearance of Murphy Claire Levesque 

Murphy is only a teenager, with a height of 4’11, and she’ll probably get taller quicker than expected. She is notable for her blonde hair and lovely smile that can melt anybody’s heart. 

Family of Murphy Claire

Murphy’s parents are a well-known couple in the US, known for their work as a wrestler and both were champions of their time. Triple H and Stephanie had been dating for years until both got married in October of 2003 in New York. They welcomed their first daughter, Aurora Rose Levesque in 2006, followed by Murphy in 2008 and Vaughn Evelyn was born two years after in 2010. 

Early life and where did Murphy Claire Levesque study?

The WWE Champion, along with his former wife had a second child following Aurora Rose Levesque, and her name is Murphy Claire Levesque. Aurora Rose is her elder sister, while Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is her younger sibling. Stephanie, the mother of three celebrity kids is a former wrestler and gathered several accomplishments herself. On the other hand, Murphy’s father is known by the ring name, Triple H who has recently retired as a wrestler in 2022. As of now, he continues to work in WWE as the chief content creator. 

Being only 14 years old, Murphy must be a school-going girl although such personal details have been kept private. Her school name or what she’s currently doing is entirely unknown. 

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