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(New Bern, NC, 12/17/2022) Do you sincerely ask God for chances to share the gospel with others around you? He has now responded to your prayers.

Today, people are frantically searching for healing and hope in their life! The preparation of God’s people brings about spiritual revival. When we are prepared for it with soft hearts and humble spirits, it occurs. Cooke Revivals has planned to launch a revival conference in 2023 since it is common for revival to start with people experiencing intense conviction. Christian religious services will be held as part of this spiritual revival to encourage the church body to reach out to the broken, wounded, and lost in the world. The missionaries have recently been to Dallas, Texas, where they have visited 50 states to fulfill God’s mission and serve His people.

Twelve years before Pastor Michael and Prophet Tracy Cooke began praying for a mighty movement of God to break out. Eventually, millions of individuals accepted Christ during extended revival services at Cooke Revivals. The religious leaders at the ministry say they are bracing for what they believe could be the beginnings of a tremendous spiritual awakening in their communities. The Holy Spirit continued to move, and church leader and evangelist Prophet Tracy Cooke agreed that the revival should be extended around the world beyond the borders of the USA. We can begin those discussions. We can spread Christ’s love to others. We can ask our pals to attend the impending event. Therefore, let’s pray for God to perform a powerful work of revival in our nation, but let’s also play our role. People’s distance from God is the source of the issue, and invading a culture is the best way to change it. It involves going to places where people don’t often hear the gospel, interacting with them, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. The date and venue of the event will be uploaded soon on https://www.cookerevivals.org/event.

It’s time for you to have a life-changing encounter with God! Plan to attend the global revival conference in the upcoming year. Reserve your seat for this transformational event now.  

About Cooke Revivals

Founded in 2009 by Pastor Michael and Evangelist Prophet Tracy Cooke, Cooke Revivals continues to pioneer evangelism in the USA and beyond while empowering the church to carry out Christ’s great mission. At their outreach campaign meetings, which featured supernatural demonstrations of God’s abilities to heal bodies, restore lives, and transform communities, approximately a million people have so far decided to follow Jesus. The company creates textual, podcast, and video materials that are available online and regularly viewed on Facebook all over the world.

P.S. you can also join Prophet Tracy Cooke in praying for revival at weekly live events on Facebook.

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