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Pork Pie Hat-An outstanding piece that complements your style, character, and status

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A men’s hat that bears the name of a typical British dish is not common. Yet, the pork-pie hat is a great success. Buster Keaton, Robert de Nero, and Matt Pocono have honored their illustrious chef with a male porkpie. Chic, trendy and very fashionable, the men’s pork pie hat brings a delicious retro touch to your figure.

What is a pork pie?

The Mens pork pie hats fall into the category of short-brimmed men’s hats. The male pork pie is also very easily recognized thanks to its rather low and flat cap on the top. Small, this headgear is therefore opposed to hats with wide brims such as Fedora hats or Panama hats. This timeless men’s hat comes in a winter or summer version. It sublimates your silhouette with a lot of freshness.

How to wear the pork pie?

He is the inseparable companion of Marcus Miller, world famous jazz musician. For him, only one option, the black felt hat. For Brad Pitt, no straw hat either. In beige leather Porkpie, it offers a rebellious and glamorous look that suits it like a glove. Men wear their pork pie hats angled straight back most of the time. This gives them a style, both rebellious and relaxed.

The chic man’s pork pie

Wear your hat with dressy jeans, a black shirt and nice shoes. Alternatively, try the fitted white shirt and the bow tie. Classy, ​​vintage and modern, is not it.

Casual in cool men’s hat

The casual style also perfectly suits this original style of hat. Take out your beautiful espadrilles, your favorite Bermuda shorts and a linen shirt. It is an ideal, casual summer outfit.

Sportswear wears the hat

This little hat can also be adapted to the sportswear style. Put on sweatpants, a hood and sneakers, for a current and comfortable style.

Which pork pie hat to choose

The male porkpie hat has the advantage of being able to be worn both in summer and in winter. However, if you feel like it, take inspiration from your favorite stars to choose from the range of porkpie hats. Just choose the right material. Choose felt, wool or leather in winter, and choose straw for the hot summer days.

This little retro hat for trendy men owes its renewed interest to the Breaking Bad series, worn by the excellent Bryan Cranston. Many stars have since adopted it. It has thus become one of the most popular men’s headgears of the moment. 

Where to find a cheap men’s pork pie hat

The price of a men’s pork pie hat actually depends on the material in which it is made and the brand. You can sometimes afford this original men’s hat for less than 50 $. Nevertheless, you will find beautiful models on the fashion accessories pages of merchant sites. Watch for offers, sales, promotions and other great deals.

The first pork pie appeared around 1830, was worn by American or English women until the end of the Civil War in 1865. It was a small and round black hat with a very narrow brim went up a little. The crown (which defines the height of the hat) is small and is flat or very slightly domed. It is usually adorned with a ribbon. It is the shape, the fold of the crown, and the narrowness of the edge, which has earned Pork Pie its comparison to the dish of the same name.

A successor of men’s style and fashion

In the early 20th century, the Pork Pie reemerged as a townsman’s hat in Britain. In the United States, it would seem that silent film actor Buster Keaton, who made them himself from other hats such as the fedora, launched the Pork Pie fashion. In America, the porkpie increased in height, its edges widened and then it became flashy in the 1940 in African American culture to coordinate with the zazou costume associated with American swing, which owes its name to a song by Cab Calloway – Zaz-Zuh-Zaz.

A green pork pie hat, a large draped coat, reinforced shoulder pads, two-tone shoes, baggy pants narrow at the ankles and discolored hair – is not that reminding us of Jim Carey’s outfit in the Mask?

After the Second World War, the popularity of the pork pie declines, precisely because of its connection with the zazou costume, but continues to be associated with the culture of Afro-American music such as jazz, or blues. Jazz saxophonist Lester Young wore a porkpie throughout his career, so much so that when he died composer Charles wrote a eulogy to him titled “Good bye Pork Pie Hat”.

In the end

Do you want to give an arty touch to your outfits with an original and elegant accessory at the same time? It is a pork pie hat for you. Today, the pork pie retains a taste of those bygone years and remains much connoted with a jazzy atmosphere and has an air of hipster.

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