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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Really Meme: Ideas, Jokes, Fun, Love

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The classic old “REALLY” memes are one of the most shared memes online, especially on chats. They are also widely used in gifs and videos. There is no date for this meme’s origin or the source of where this meme came from because the “really” memes have been there with us since forever. If we recall correctly, the “really” memes are making us laugh since the memes themselves were formed for the first time. The feeling behind this meme is sarcasm. The question “really” is asked in a sarcastic way. This became the go to response for any content which raised doubt or suspicion.


The “Really?” meme has been there with since forever. These memes started to get famous mainly because of two things. One, it’s usability. People could use this GIF or Image as a sarcastic response to any doubtful content or at something which is obviously true. Not only content but this also came in handy while texting to someone or a group of people. Two, the variety. The variations in which the “really?” template can be used are endless. From the picture of shocked Kevin Hart to the sarcastic face of Mr Bean, the number of images on which this form can be used are never ending. When people use this format/template to make a meme on any sus content on Reddit, YouTube or Instagram, It receives a plethora of retweets, submissions and upvotes.

Really Meme


  • When attractive people say looks don’t matter and rich people say money does not matter – “REALLY?”
  • My best friend laughing loudly at me when my crush rejects me — “REALLY?”
  • My Best friend’s mom saying “I’m so glad I did not raise a bad boy” – “REALLY?”
  • When you are talking to your crush and she says she is not happy in her relationship and needs a guy “like you” – “REALLY?”
  • “Vets are the only doctors who eat their patients” – “REALLY?”
  • “Reports show that iPhone 13 pro isn’t worth the money” – – “REALLY?”
  • Did you know? When you cover your leg with cabbage, it is going to be covered in cabbage. – “REALLY?”
  • Girls : Boys don’t know what sadness is. I’m sure they haven’t cried in their whole life. Boys – “REALLY?”
  • “Every sixty seconds in Africa, a minute passes.” – “REALLY?”


Ever since the pandemic hit us like a train, things have been going downhill for many of us. It’s hard to keep track of your mental health when you’ve got your day to day schedule, busy work and pressure. We barely devote any time to ourselves. This is where memes come in. Little things in life matter. Similarly, little moments of laughter also matter. When we look at memes at laugh out loud, even for 5 minutes out of our busy day, our brain releases the “happy chemicals” which is great for keeping our anxiety in check. These memes allow us to laugh and share positive vibes. They are the “good guys” in our schedule who take care our health mentally.

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