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Roohi Johar: Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, Life, Career

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Roohi Johar is a celebrity child known to the public as the daughter of famous film director Karan Johar. She was born on Feb 7, 2017, through surrogacy along with her twin brother named Yash Johar. Initially prematurely born, the twins were kept in the hospital for 50 days before Karan Johar took them home. Roohi Johar was born through a surrogate mother as Karan Johar is still unmarried.

Personal Background: Roohi Johar

Roohi Johar is the daughter of Karan Johar, born as twins alongside Yash Johar. She is one cute and adorable kid and is very sweet. Roohi is the heartbeat of Karan Johar and will always remain his princess. Roohi enjoys her day playing around the house. Karan Johar himself takes care of Roohi very much along with Yash Johar. He also has kept a nanny to help manage the chores and does the things and feeds milk and food to the child when he is not there. The twin daughters are the world of Karan, and she holds both of them dearly. Karan Johar wants a good life for both twins and wants Roohi to achieve it all in life. He wants to provide the best of life and opportunity for her.

Net Worth: Roohi Johar

She is still just 5 years old and thus does not have any income source currently. But there won’t be long before she catches the eye of the world. And we may one day soon include their income source of hers too. However, she enjoys the huge net worth of her father which he has accumulated from his directing career. Her father is estimated to be worth around a whopping $200 million and is one of the richest persons in the Indian film industry.

Relationship with her Father: Roohi Johar

As it is scientifically proven that daughters do share a very good relationship with their fathers, she is also the same. She also has a very good relationship with her father. Roohi helps in creating very good harmony within the family. Roohi cares for and loves her father very much and is the backbone of the family.

Hobbies: Roohi Johar

She loves to watch animation serials and cartoons. Her favorite color is Red and Pink. She also loves to travel to other places with her family members. Roohi is also a foodie and loves to eat different varieties of food. Roohi likes to watch Barbie doll serials and also likes to play with dolls.

Roohi Johar

Personal Life

Roohi Johar is just 5 years old. She is too young to be involved in a relationship as she does not even know the meaning of relationships at this age. Although, this information is bound to change as she comes of age to start dating. This information will soon be updated.

A Beautiful Soul

She is a very pure soul as children are said to be. Roohi is very mature for her age. Roohi is always chilling out with her family and never asks for too much. She just loves to be around her family and loves her father and her other twin very much. The family leads a very happy life.

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