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Shapewear: Your Guide to a perfect Body Type

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What is shapewear?

Shapewear, often known as a foundation garment, is an undergarment that smooths your physique. It can be worn as underwear on its own to avoid cloth from bunching underneath, but certain variations do recommend wearing sleek undergarments underneath. Figure shapers come in a variety of styles that are designed to sculpt your body.

Shapewear To The Rescue

Hello, lovely ladies! Every woman’s body is unique in terms of size, form, and height. It is every woman’s goal to be in excellent shape. Foundation garments come to the rescue to tackle that problem while also looking customarily in shape. Yes, we are discussing shapewear. The clothing that gives your silhouette confidence, charm, and attractiveness. It’s not a bad idea to seek assistance if you want to appear great in your outfit.

Types Of Shapewear

1) Open Bust Shapewear

Open Bust Shapewear
Shapewear’s Magic: Beautiful Woman

It has an exposed bust, a belly cover, a high-rise cut on the thighs, and full back coverage. This shapewear is intended to give your waist, tummy, and back a toned appearance while also giving your bust a natural appearance.

2) Corsets

Woman wearing Corsets

A detachable corset allows you to wear your regular underwear while adding a layer of control to your waist area. It provides an even tighter fit than control pants and is endorsed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian for days when you truly want to be pulled in. This clip-open alternative saves time getting dressed, although there are also pull-up versions that are more visible under clothing.

3) Camisoles for shaping

Camisoles for shaping
Camisoles for shaping

If you’re only looking for upper-body shapewear, how about a shaping camisole or tank top? Some of these will have the same powerful-stretch fabric at the bust as on the tummy and waistline, which means they will be supportive enough to wear without a bra for many individuals. However, if you prefer, you can wear a shaping cami over a bra, which has the extra benefit of concealing apparent bra seams for a smoother line under clothing.

4) Shaping shorts

Shaping shorts
Women in Shaping shorts

These, like the briefs mentioned above, often have a high waistline designed to contour the tummy, waist, and sometimes even the ribcage, but they also have the added benefit of shrinking your thighs. They also have another advantage: if you suffer from thigh chafe in warm weather, close-fitting shorts like these might be beneficial.

Even if you’re not concerned with shaping your thighs or reducing chafe, shape shorts may be a decent alternative to consider if you’re wearing anything tight-fitting and want to smooth your stomach while also eliminating VPL and aren’t a fan of thongs.

5) Arm sculptor

Arm sculptor
Beautiful woman in arm sculptor

This arm angel innovation is ideal for wearing under a long-sleeved top to add definition, or on its own under a slip dress or strappy top. It simply provides light control, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to wear all day, and you may even wear your existing bra with it.

6) Bodyshapers

Magic of Bodyshapers

A body is ideal for girls who want complete coverage of their torso and boobs. The design below has only light control and is appropriate for everyday use, with tougher control choices working harder under that something slinky.

7) Control Tights

Control Tights
Class of Control Tights

True, not all shapewear is designed to be worn under clothing. These tights tuck in your bum, tum, and thighs and look excellent with a gorgeous party dress or skirt.

8) Briefs/thongs shaping

thongs shaping
Thongs shaping shaping a class

These are knickers or thongs that sit higher on the torso than usual. The exact height ranges from below the belly button to smoothing only your lower tummy all the way up to the bra line. Shaping briefs that reach your ribcage may feature clips to attach to your bra to prevent them from rolling down.

9) Saree shapewear

Saree shapewear
Magic of Saree shapewear

Undergarments that resemble long skirts and are constructed of flexible fabric are known as saree shapers. These saree shapers are to be worn under the saree instead of the conventional petticoat. Consider this your shapewear petticoat, which works just like the classic one but looks a lot better when worn.

10) Slips for shaping / half-slips

Slips for shaping
Slips for shaping

Want something that will smooth you all over yet doesn’t like shorts? A shape slip dress is an alternative to the shortie bodysuits mentioned above, providing coverage down to the thigh and preventing VPL while allowing you to use the restroom without undressing! Half-slips, or skirts, are also available if you’re solely concerned with slimming your tummy and hips and prefer to use a separate bra.

  • Where to buy shapewear?
  • Some of the brands where you can buy Shapewear are:
  • Da intimo.
  • Marks & Spencer.
  • Enamor.
  • Triumph.
  • Clovia.
  • Heart 2 Heart.
  • Laceandme.
  • Swee.
  • SKIMS.
  • Jockey.

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