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Squidward Tentacles: The Iconic and Beloved Gloomy Octopus from SpongeBob SquarePants

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Squidward or Squidward Q. Tentacles is known as one of the biggest characters. In fact, he is one of the top 10 main names of the world-famous SpongeBob SquarePants franchise.

Squidward is a famous from SpongeBob. He is known also as Patrick’s grumpy neighbor. He is also an ex-coworker, who worked at the Krusty Krab. Krusty is known for living in an Easter Island head.

He is extremely well-known for being an unpleasant artist and musician. He does like painting self-portraits. He also likes playing the clarinet.


Although he has nothing to do with the sea creature “squid”, he is better known as an octopus. And he’s not a squid at all. Several interviewers and episodes have already cleared this up. It is very clear that he has the characteristics of an octopus. One can see some round bulbous heads adorned with rectangular pupils. He is famous for having a triangular head. Many people also know him by his round eyes, which are very different from Squid’s. Squids are famous for having ten tentacles. It’s so much more than Squidward.

The creators of have series felt that having 8 limbs can be stressful and hard to animate. Hence, one can see him with 6 limbs.

However, in “Pressure” and “Sold!” moments, he was seen carrying 8 legs also. Many do call him a very selfish person. He is also known as dull and unadventurous and many do not like his resists change behavior.

Working is a cashier at Krusty Krab defines him also. SpongeBob’s loud and cheerful look is not something appreciated by him. However, he is the one who always looks after SpongeBob for showing his true friendship. Hence, many do see the helping side of their boss many times.

Squidward Biography

Squidward J. Q. Tentacles is the son of Mrs. Tentacles. Jeff. SpongeBob SquarePants Annual 2014 book made it clear that his birthday is on October 9. The book was published by the Egmont Group. He does have a great relationship with his father who loved him a lot. When he was a kid, he was mostly sitting around the garbage cans at lunch. The biggest reason behind it was that he was not the friend of many.

Squidward J. Q. Tentacles
Squidward J. Q. Tentacles

During his teenage days, he was rivals with Squilliam Fancyson. who was his band classmate. During his younger days, he did join Kamp Koral. Here it was the famous time when he did meet SpongeBob SquarePants, who is a sea sponge. It is a starfish which is named Patrick Star. It did also see a suit named Sandy Cheeks. It did also get him a chance to meet Eugene H. Krabs, who is the camp director. He did also meet Mrs. Puff; the scoutmaster. It did see him becoming the camp’s troop leader. Hence, he did have authority in his friend circle.

He then joined the Bikini Bottom School. But then he did not enroll for college – post-graduation.

All of a sudden, he and Jim did join Krusty Krab. When Jim did quit, he did have a word with him. It saw him lose the long blond hair. It did lead to its dismay. After a long time, he did become the Neighbour of SpongeBob and Patrick, who was his campmates. However, as he became the Neighbour of SpongeBob and Patrick, it did lead to so much stress in his life. He used to get annoyed and most of the time, they used to hurt him a lot. An example would make it understand better where SpongeBob did create Doodle Bob. It was aimed to prank Squidward. But they did not know that it would backfire as drawing outdo him and create a moment of panic.


Hence, Squidward pushed hard to go away from the house as he was fed up with his Neighbours. However, the real estate agent did not sell his place. It did lead SpongeBob and Patrick to make his life even hard to adjust. Who can forget when they did look to change Bikini Bottom into Tentacle Acres? It made him feel how bad and boring his life is. But it did help him to get out of it.

But he did always remember the good times he had at Make-Out Reef.

In “Love That Squid,” he made it clear that he did not date for a long time as Squilvia did come into his life and made things better.   

Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, and Sandy once went with him for getting to know the secret formula of Burger Beard, which was led by Krabby Patty.

One it did see him winning cashier in the Bikini Bottom battle in the Lame and Fortune event. On March 6, 2017, did change his life as he did manage to time travel for 2,000 years. Hence, he was thawed in the Krusty Krab freezer.

Squidward Character Description

Squidward can be defined as the colour of an octopus – PMS 333. It does have purple suction cups, which can be at the end of his tentacles. He comes up with six limbs, two being arms, and four being legs. It did make a shape plus sign. The look comes when he tends to stand still. At the time of walking, it does create a squelching sound. He is also known for having a cranium. It can also be seen as having eight spots. Nasal voice, skinny body and huge nose, big mount and eyes of yellow colour do make him look different and unique.

Squidward Character Description
Squidward Character Description

At the time of laughing, the nose does go up and down. He is also fashionable and likes to have a polo t-shirt of brown colour. His hair colour is blond. He is bald. The Original Fry Cook episode did show that he does have long brown hair. It can also be seen at the end of Squidward’s Sick Daze.

However, one has seen his colour changing many times in the series. In early eps, his look was PMS 332. In later stage, he did have PMS 333 colour.

Sandy’s Rocket EP did see him seeing nightwear of former version. It did see pink backed with magenta flowers. Sentimental Sponge did see him wearing an actual nightgown. The EP did see him saying that it is a nightshirt. Nightgown came up with nightcap, which matched with each other. This was another or third look of nightwear. If one wants to see the second version, then it can be seen as Employee of the Month and Funny Pants episodes.

His toenails can be seen in the following episodes: “House Fancy,” “Giant Squidward,” and “Mermaid Pants.”

Bulletin Board EP did also make it clear that he does carry a red rose tattoo located on his right-hand side arm.

Jolly Lodgers EP did see him having a pink Hawaiian shirt. After that, he did wear orange and red trunks. He did wear it for swimming.    

Squidward: Personality

Squidward does have the personality to know where we are going to define it in deep.

  • Squidward has seen a person who stays sad most of the time and is very stubborn, snobby, and grumpy.
  • He can be very sarcastic and miserable and egotistical many times along with having a bad temper.
  • He does also feature being apathetic, pessimistic, hypocritical, and sadistic.
  • His work ethic does picture it in a better manner.
  • He is very negative and does not see a green look anywhere.
  • He did not like to work at Krusty Krab. Hence, he used to sleep most of the time there.
  • Not to look for his bad temper, he was blessed with intelligent and educated features.
  • Not many do like his Cynical and grandiose behaviour.
  • But he thinks of other and feels the world has misunderstood him.
  • Most of the time one can see him blaming others.
  • He always looks to have fame – but lack of direction did kill his aspiration.
  • One can see his taking credit for being a David statue creator despite SpongeBob being the one who did create it.
  • The only goal he has is to please the art appraiser.
  • Bubblestand EP did see him belittle the bubble-blowing of SpongeBob.
  • He does also feel jealous of those who do show better art than him.
  • Most of the time, he is shown as one who has failed in an overall manner.

Squidward Artistic Touch

Squidward is in love with the art that we are about to talk about.

  • He does have a love for dance, sculpting and painting.
  • He did also like playing the clarinet.
  • But he did not seem to have any of the talents.
  • The only aim he had was: Please others with his art.
  • As he did not have a skill, people did mock him at the audience.
  • But once, he did play very well at a concert and did earn good reviews then. SpongeBob was in the VIP seat at this time which he did not like at all.
  • He always liked to miss chances for becoming famous.
  • His lack of telnet did make him feel mentally very sad.
  • Most of his artwork does show his face.
  • He did even host talent shows for becoming famous.
  • After all the tries, he did not get much fame back like others.

Health of Squidward

  • Squidward did have many health issues.
  • He did have bad luck.
  • Over time, Squidward did face many injuries.
  • He was seen facing major physical and mental health problems.  
  • Most of the time, bad luck always opens the doors of a hospital for him.
  • He was even attacked by other characters many times.
  • It was seen as the karma of his bad attitude.
  • It did make him depressed and unsure many times.
  • He did also have many fights with others many times for not many big reasons.
  • He did not like others getting fame. This is why he was seen as a mentally weak character.

Occupation of Squidward

Squidward has been as doing work as a cashier at the Krusty Krab. It also sees SpongeBob working in the same position. He did not like his work at all. His work does see the poor quality and lack of touch for working hard.

Most of the time, he has been seen sleeping and not caring about doing the work on time. Hence, he did not talk well with customers. Only for money, he was working. Otherwise, he did hate his job and wanted others to do his work. He did also work as a manager of the Krusty Krab 2. But it did happen for six days. He did also work as a waiter for Krabby O’Monday’s. But he did not like this job also.

Some Info To Know? Squidward

  • Rodger Bumpas did voice Squidward and it did make the character famous around the world.
  • Tom Kenny did voice the Squidward’s laughter.
  • Derek Drymon did take the voice auditions.
  • Stephen Hillenburg did start to make the show in his mind when he was very young.
  • Hillenburg, in 1987, went on to have a career in animation. It was the reason he did create the show.


  • He did have not so great relationship with Squilliam. Hence, he used to keep away from him.
  • He did not like Mr. Krabs but he used to kind of manage things with him. Squidward did not like the greedy nature of Mr. Krabs.
  • He did have not a great relationship with Patrick along with SpongeBob. He did have hate for Patrick.
  • Plankton and Squidward were similar in nature. Hence, they did not care about each other at all.
  • He did hate to see Gary the Snail most of the time.
  • Sandy Cheeks did not like Squidward. The feeling was the same from both sides. But later, they did not have many problems with each other.
  • Cecil Star and Squidward have been seen as bitter rivals most of the time.
  • He used to get nervous around Squilvia, who was his girlfriend.

Squidward Relationship with Squilliam Fancyson

Squidward did have bitter feelings about Squilliam Fancyson. They did meet for the first time while in high school in band class. As they were similar in nature kind of, he always not wanted Squilliam Fancyson to shine and go ahead in a mega manner.

While Squilliam did see great highs in his life, He did see failures most of the time. He did want to become rich and be a star of the singing world. He had an aim that the world should love him. But that did happen with Squilliam Fancyson most of the time. This did make the life of Squidward and made him bitter most of the time. Hence, he did not have great relationships with others also.


  • Despite being negative, he was seen more episodes than Patrick.
  • At first, his skin colour was PMS 332 which changed to PMS 333.
  • It was The Paper that made him seem shirtless for the very first time.
  • Squidward always wanted to become famous and aimed to get love from others.
  • Wishing You Well ep did show that he is claustrophobic.
  • In water, he did show the purple colour.
  • He did make consistent runs from ep 21 to 28.
  • He does work from his right hand.
  • Most of the time, he did not like to work at all and loved to enjoy other things while at work.
  • He has been seen as a very rude person.


Q Why does Squidward have 6 legs?

He does have six lags as it does give a very bad look, kind of negative in nature.

Q What does the Q stand for in Squidward name?

He is blessed to have two middle names The first one is the initial J and it does stand for Johannsson. Then the Q does stand for Quentin.

Q How old is a Squidward?

He was born on October 9, 1977, it means he is 55 years old.

Q What is the behavior of Squidward?

In general, He does have a very hateful behavior.

Q What does Squidward dislike?

He does not like to see others doing better than him mostly. Rest he can manage somehow.

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