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Suffering from Success Memes: Everything One Should Know

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Suffering from Success depicts a sentiment that (supposedly) many people may relate to: the misery that comes with your own excellence.

The meme depicts a regal man who is clearly the pinnacle of success. He’s wearing a fur coat, after all. In addition, there are roughly ten gold chains. And a ring with a grape-sized diamond. However, he appears to have been dumped by his fiancée, evicted from his home, and burned his tongue on his morning coffee all on the same day. “What dreadful event occurred to you?” a buddy would inquire. And he’d sniffle and say, “I just did too well.”

How it all started?: Suffering from Success

The image is the cover art for DJ Khaled’s album Suffering from Success, which was published in 2013. Khaled released a standard album as well as a deluxe edition. Each has an identical image, but the deluxe is printed in thick black and white, giving it a more sombre feel. Memes have been created based on both album covers.

Suffering from Success: Memes

The meme initially appeared in 2015, when Tumblr user milesupshur posted it with the description “when u write a popular post and it blows up your notifications” on Tumblr. “Suffering from Success” was a popular enough post to trigger this problem, with over 247,000 likes and reblogs between 2015 and 2018. Other iterations of the meme appeared and became famous in their own right.

Suffering from Success
Suffering from Success memes

CloudTower, a Reddit user, posted a version to the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit in July 2017, gaining around 370 upvotes; the same user later posted a different version to /r/dankmemes, gaining 4,300 upvotes. Other variations popped up, and by 2018, these memes were all over Reddit. These are still popular, and as long as people’s inventiveness isn’t depleted, they’ll likely continue to receive upvotes and gain fame.

Meaning -Suffering from Success

The phrase “Suffering from Success” has a plain meaning. The subtitles depict the absurdity of instances in which people have too much of a good thing—too many alerts with a popular post, setting a personal record that you’ll never be able to break… as well as a variety of other circumstances.


Success may be more prevalent in society than I anticipated! Or perhaps it’s wishful thinking that drives people to desire to be associated with achievement that is so enormous that it makes them a martyr of it. Who can say?

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