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Top 6 Low Commission Realtors in Virginia

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Top real estate brokers in Virginia who offer certain services for less money are known as low-commission realtors. 

Low-commission realtors in Virginia will work for less (such as a 1%-2% commission or a pre-defined flat charge) and provide fewer services than their high-priced counterparts would. 

Sellers may expect to save money thanks to the decreased cost. In Virginia, a bargain realtor will often provide the same services as a full-service broker. The price is the main distinction.

Which Are The Various Types Of Discount Realtors In Virginia?

There are mainly 4 types: 

Flat Rate Low Commission

In certain areas, there are low commission realtors who charge anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 to help you sell your property. 

The value of the home and the agent’s efficiency in selling it often determine the flat cost. It’s important to note that there is no percentage-based listing charge here. 

The cost of all items is consistent. Also, remember that the buyer’s agent fees, which can range from 2.5% to 3% must be paid regardless of whether you select a percentage-based or flat-rate agency.

Flat Fee MLS Brokers

There will be a one-time charge A MLS listing firm or service is just a low commission or discounted broker who agrees to list your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a flat price upfront. 

A flat charge, rather than a percentage of the home’s sale price, is agreed upon by the broker and the seller. Suppose you’re trying to sell a property for $100,000.

In general, you may expect to pay between 2% and 3% of the final sale price when working with a typical agency. That’s $3,000! 

There is a $300 average listing and marketing cost for a flat-rate MLS listing in Virginia. It is possible to save money even if you decide to include extra features like price and buyer negotiating support.

Discount Realtors

Full-service discount realtors charge substantially less than regular realtors yet provide almost the same services. They rebate some of their commissions to the seller after the sale of their home.

Virtual Full-Service Agents

Consider the whole range of services provided by a conventional agent: listing, advertising, pricing, showings, negotiations, and closing. 

All of these tasks may be handled by an internet discount broker that offers complete service. They have greater administration and marketing support, lower costs, and lower commissions thanks to their existence in the cloud.

Which Top 6 Discount Realtors Should You Trust In Virginia?

The cost of buying a house in Virginia has risen by 3% when compared to the same time last year. 

If you’re looking to purchase or sell a home in Virginia, you may find a cheap realtor to help you save hundreds of dollars in real estate commissions. 

If you’re looking for a good deal in Virginia, these are the realtors to call.


Houzeo is a digital firm that operates online and provides services related to real estate. 

It’s hard to find a better deal than the greatest discounts, state-of-the-art technology, and top-notch assistance offered by this service.

Plans with Houzeo generally have a low, flat monthly rate. 

There will be a significant monetary benefit from doing this. You can save the buyer agent commission if the buyer does not have representation.

Trulia, MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, Redfin, and a plethora of other websites all receive the listings after they have been syndicated. 

Houzeo further has handy options for sharing on social media. There is no other venue where you can get as much attention as this one.

Houzeo is entirely web-based. Making a listing is simple, and making edits is quick. Therefore, you can give your whole attention to what really matters: making a sale.

When compared to other flat fee MLS listing service websites, this company offers the finest mix of savings, technology features, and service, making it one of the top low-commission realtors in Virginia.


The technology behind Redfin.com is what truly sets it apart as one of the best low-commission realtors from the competition. They are a leading real estate firm thanks to the quality of their user interface and inexpensive broker services.

One can choose between the Full-Service Redfin package (1.5% listing commission) and the Concierge plan (2% listing commission).

Redfin’s listing agreement states that it will take about 18 days to get a property posted to the multiple listing services.

If you want easy access to inexpensive realtors around the country, Redfin.com is a fantastic alternative.

Quest Realty

When a seller lists their home with Quest Realty, one of the most reputed low-commission realtors in Virginia, they can take advantage of a reduced commission rate. 

Everything that a standard realtor would provide is included in their service, yet they don’t charge as much in commissions.

Quest Realty provides a comprehensive service plan for a flat rate of two percent. 

As a result, they may help sellers through the full selling process for a lower fee without sacrificing service. 

The firm will offer a discount of 5% on properties with a price tag of less than $350,000.

Their all-inclusive service includes everything from listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to promotion on Zillow and Realtor.com to price analysis and negotiation of the sale price.

They also provide extra services like detailed examinations and high-definition images as necessary.

With their extra services for both sellers and buyers, Quest Realty stands out as one of the best budget realtors in Virginia.

Ideal Agent

The goal of Ideal Agent, one of the top low-commission realtors in Virginia is to assist sellers to choose a local agent who best fits their needs. 

They’ve gone through a lot of trouble to provide a service that normally requires a 6% commission payment from the customer.

The commission rate at Ideal Agent is 2%. This is higher than the 3% national average but lower than some of our other suggestions.

Known for selecting only the greatest real estate professionals, Ideal Agent has earned a stellar reputation. 

This means that if you choose to work with Ideal Agent, you can be certain that you will be represented by a highly competent and professional agent.

Take 2 Real Estate

The Virginia-based Take 2 Real Estate is one of the best low-commission realtors in town. If you’re selling a property in Virginia and want to sell it quickly for a low commission, consider working with Paul Thistle who is the owner and broker of this company.

Take 2 Real Estate’s full-service package only requires a 1% commission, saving sellers thousands of dollars compared to what they would pay with other full-service realtors.

As one of the top low-commission realtors in Virginia, this company offers individualized assistance to sellers throughout the whole selling process.

Additional services supplied by this company include advice on home improvements and staging, photos and a 4K video tour, brochures, a digital documentation procedure, and an automated showing schedule.

Take 2 Real Estate, with its years of knowledge and comprehensive services for both sellers and buyers, is among the top bargain realtors in Virginia.


UpNest is one of the most reputed low-commission realtors active in Virginia that helps homebuyers and sellers find the finest agents at the greatest prices.

After signing up with UpNest, users get access to a list of available agents within 24 hours. 

In addition, the agent offers to contain a wealth of data that may be used to find a reasonable realtor. When it comes to finding new partner agents, UpNest is quite choosy. 

If an agency wants to become an UpNest partner, they’ll need to prove they can achieve our performance standards.

UpNest’s concept encourages agents to give competitive commission rates by making them compete for listings. 

Since there are no standard commission rates, the seller has the final say in the agreement. 

As a result, the seller could have to fork out a higher commission than they would with a less expensive realtor.

What Are The Closing Costs In Virginia?

The closing costs in Virginia consist of the commission paid to realtors (both buying and selling), fees for a house warranty and an inspection, and more. 

As such, if the ultimate sales price of a home is $200,000, the closing fees might be close to $12,000. If the vendor employs a standard broker, they might expect to pay a significant price. 

When negotiating the sale of a home, a seller might save money by working with a broker that charges less than the market rate.

Last Word

Nowadays, Virginia is home to a plethora of low-commission realtors that offer attractive perks without breaking the bank. 

Before settling on any of these low-commission realtors in Virginia who call themselves the best, a seller should consider factors such as listing time, listing costs, customer service, additional services, areas they are active in, how they leverage technology, and whether they have good reviews or no.

Consider all these factors before choosing a firm to sell your house. 

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