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What are the common practices you should follow to be fluent in English?

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Are you planning to learn English online? Then enroll with a tutor on AmazingTalker. Apart from the fact that these English classes are online, they are being taught by native English speakers with years of speaking and teaching expertise, thus attending them will speed up the rate at which you learn and speak English fluently.

However, this article discusses standard best practices like practicing, obtaining a personal English tutor, learning from native speakers, etc. These customs won’t just make it easier for you to speak English fluently. They’ll actually speed up your learning.

Before reading the rest of the article, keep in mind that you must consistently follow these best practices in order to experience their benefits.


To be good at what you learn, you need to engage in consistent practices. Practice is what is said to make perfect. So, to be fluent in English speaking, you need to attend English classes online and look for opportunities to practice what you learn in those classes.

One of the best ways is to leverage social media live shows or online events like webinars that are held in English. These are opportunities for you to speak, ask questions in English, and contribute to discussions using English.

I understand one of the reasons people find it hard to publicly contribute to the discussion when they can’t speak English fluently is because they are afraid of people laughing at their mistakes, all these can be taken care of if you are learning from native speakers 

Learning from native speakers 

Speaking fluent English starts from learning from speakers that are fluent. It is said that you cannot give what you do not have, so the first and most important step to speaking English fluently is by learning English from native speakers’ classes online. 

A good English language native speaker who tutors English online will help you learn fast and also help you grow confidence to speak and practice publicly through the aforementioned channels above. 

After learning from native speakers, another means to consistently practice and learn for free is by listening to English content online 

Listening to online English content 

Listening is one good way to learn things and keep them in our memories. This is how a friend of mine was able to perfect his spoken English by simply listening to English content like podcasts and watching English movies, of course with subtitles. 

This is an avenue to learn new words and also learn pronunciation and spelling at once. 

Now you have learned from English native speakers and also leverage online content, it is time to confidently begin conversations in the English language. 

Start speaking English as much as you can

You must actively converse and engage in the English language because, as I previously stated, practice makes perfect and the more you DO the more you KNOW. Engage others in some conversations using English in the park, the mall, and other public areas.

You should be proud that, only a few weeks after entering the country, you are speaking the language of another nation. Forget about jokes and laughter.

You should focus on the positives while also identifying and fixing your mistakes. This is why hiring a private tutor is crucial.

Get a personal English pronunciation tutor 

Hiring a private English tutor is another prevalent approach. On AmazingTalker, you may do that. You will learn English more quickly if you hire a private tutor.

For instance, you can quickly contact your private instructor if you make any blunders during a conversation in the English language before you forget. The majority of people learn how to speak English fluently so quickly because of this rapid assistance from native English speakers.

Be comfortable making mistakes 

Now, no matter how trained you are, no matter how many tutors you hire, you must first accept that English is not your local language and you are bound to make mistakes. In this acceptance lies your confidence. 

You need to be comfortable publicly making mistakes and be corrected by native speakers around you. At no time should you feel embarrassed for making a mistake while speaking a language that is primarily not yours.


In conclusion, start with simple words and concise sentences to make learning easier. Avoiding complex words won’t make you lazy; it will just improve your communication skills. Keep in mind that you are learning the language to communicate, not to impress others.

That said, it is important to note that, the majority of the time, speaking English fluently is not about what you have been taught but rather how consistently you put what you have learned into practice.

AmazingTalker is a big online platform ready to help you to improve your fluency on english.

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