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What Exactly Does A Nanny Do

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A nanny is typically defined as a professional that cares for children. They are employed by a family in need of their services. However, a nanny plays a much more critical role in the development of children than you may assume. With so much time being spent between the nanny and children, they are more cultivators. They not only help inspire, but they also motivate children and nurture them.

A lot of parents have expectations for their nannies that they will help with basic household chores while they are not tending to their children. Along with caring for children and doing things like babysitting, they are responsible for basic household chores and tasks. These tasks include:

Cooking Meals

The majority of parents hire nannies when they cannot be there to care for their children before, during, and after school. A lot of parents are still working by the time the children get home from school. Because of this, they typically want nannies to be capable of providing their children with a healthy meal after school. Being a confident cook is usually one of the most sought-after skills for a nanny because of the importance of their children’s diet.

Grocery Shopping

A lot of nannies are also tasked with doing some light grocery shopping. They are typically asked to keep the kitchen stocked with everything needed including essentials, cleaning supplies, and more. Thus, they might be asked to go to the store for the household on occasion or do the shopping online.

Caring For Pets

A lot of households have pets that they need to care for and are unable to do so while at work. Because of this, a nanny would be expected to care for the pet(s) along with any of the children in the household. This could involve taking the pets for a walk, feeding the pets, and more pet care responsibilities.

Maintain a Clean and Safe Environment

Every nanny is expected to not only maintain a clean, but also a safe environment for all of the children and pets in the household. This means that nannies need to pay attention during play time to ensure the children are free of hazards and more. They also must have a first aid kit and know how to administer it properly.

Payroll for Nannies is a great headache for everyone. You can use a company to pay your nanny and set up your payroll scheme, calculate the weekly/monthly wages, arrange and administer the pension scheme and provide bespoke employment contracts.

Activities a Nanny Can Do With Children

The nanny will be expected to keep the children busy while they are home from school. They are expected to find activities both indoors and outdoors that can effectively help the children expend energy and stimulate their minds. There are plenty of different activities that nannies can do with children to keep them entertained and busy. These include:

Teaching Children A New Language

This is easily one of the best ways to mentally stimulate children and to help teach them a desirable skill. A lot of parents might require a nanny to speak more than one language so they can help their children learn a new language. This not only helps the children learn a new language, but they have someone to practice it with and they can learn about a different culture at the same time.

Have Play Dates With Other Kids

A nanny is likely going to be expected to take the children to have play dates with other kids and parents or nannies. This ensures that the children can gain friends and learn how to play with other kids.

Have A Picnic

Having a picnic is always a good activity for nannies to do with kids. It can be a great way to spend time outdoors with the children and to allow them to burn off any excess energy they have. It can also be done pretty much anywhere which makes it an easy activity to do in the backyard or at a local park.

Library and Museum Visit

A nanny can take children to a local library or museum. This can be a good way to stimulate the children’s minds. Reading is always a good way to stimulate imagination and to help them develop better language skills. Museums make for a good place that’s stimulating too. Children can learn about the history and expand their interests as well.

Doing Arts and Crafts

Children can get involved with arts and crafts which will help them bolster their creativity and gets hands-on with things. Painting, drawing, and doing other things like that can help mentally stimulate them and get them interested in good hobbies that can help with their mental development.

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