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Friday, December 1, 2023

What Kinds of Google Ads Should You Use?

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One of the most effective systems for sponsored advertising is Google Ads. Whether you intend to manage your own Google advertising or outsource it to a professional, this is true. It gives you access to users of the two most significant search engines—Google and YouTube.

 It’s ideal to start by learning the required terms and being aware of not just the different Google ads campaign types. You will then be fully aware of what the platform can do for you.

1.      Competitor search campaign

A competitor search campaign is just a branded search campaign turned around. You place bids on searches for your competitors’ branded keywords rather than your brand’s name and products.

Although it sounds like a good idea, stealing traffic from the terms of your biggest direct competitors can be pretty pricey. Brands that justify the higher costs of obtaining a new customer with a potentially higher average order value or lifetime value typically use this method. Otherwise, you might need help with using this approach.

This is a very profitable campaign if a business isn’t buying its traffic or lacks brand loyalty among its customers.

2.      Branded Google search

Even if your website currently ranks organically at the top of search results, you might not think to bid on your brand name. However, doing so enables you to highlight specific information (using Google ads services) and specify the particular page where you want people to land.

Additionally, it guards you against rivals who might bid on your name or other branded terms. Since your URL and your advertisements will be highly relevant to visitors searching for you, branded search CPCs will typically be cheaper than any other search campaign. Be careful to avoid having your advertisement show up for related but irrelevant keywords.

3.      Google shopping ads (branded)

Increase your website traffic from this source and manage your budget more effectively if you can set up branded Shopping as a distinct campaign. If not, shopping campaigns will automatically incorporate both branded and non-branded traffic.

Without a segmented campaign approach, there will always be more non-branded traffic than branded traffic, and your spending will probably be used on non-branded terms with lower conversion rates. For this reason, if you can (and have the traffic to benefit from it), it’s worthwhile to separate branded traffic into a separate Shopping campaign.

4.       Google Performance Max

Machine learning is used in Google Performance Max campaigns to optimize a combination of retargeting, display, and shopping advertising on your behalf. The products to advertise, the amount to bid, the audience to target, and the creative to display are all determined by this campaign type.


How many users look up your brand, items, product categories, or branded keywords will determine how well you do here. The quantity of retargeting you can conduct and the amount of branded traffic you can generate through Shopping advertisements.

The time limit can provide limits if you’re trying to drive brand awareness. The nominal kind of YouTube video ad lasts for only six seconds, a bumper ad. However, the time limit can be the ideal, gentle reminder for companies aiming to retarget past customers.

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