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What’s New in the DTF Printer

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The DTF Printer now has a modern and efficient white ink system, which automatically mixes, filters, circulates and cleans the white ink residues from the print head. The new dtf printer white ink system, has an adjustable timer display, remote control, and has 4 functions:

  1. Mix white paint;
  2. Circulates the white paint in the hoses and dampers;
  3. Filters the white ink preventing the passage of residues;
  4. Cleans ink residue from the print head.

The correct use of the white ink system significantly decreases the probability of clogging of the printhead nozzles of the DTF printer. The accumulation of white ink residues decanted in the print head of the DTF printer, is one of the main reasons that cause the nozzles to clog and cause printing failures.

Using the filter in the dtf printer white ink system constantly filters the white ink throughout the printing process with white ink, significantly decreasing the likelihood of printhead nozzle clogging.

The waste ink collector, also known as the bin or dispenser, is built into the white ink system itself, which has a lid that opens and closes for waste collection.

The ink system of the DTF Printer Version PRO 1.0, is made of plastic, and has an individual white ink mixing reservoir, which mixes the white ink effectively so that it does not decant.

What is DTF?

DTF is a direct-to-film printing technology that transfers ink from film to fabric through heat and pressure.

Are DTF printers all the same?

No, the concept is the same, but even when dealing with the same printer model, the adaptations are different from company to company.

What is DTF Film?

DTF film or PET film, as it is also known, is a polyester film with treatment for anchoring and dismantling the DTF ink. The DTF film is marketed by Bulk Ink Jet in packages of 50 sheets, 100 sheets and 30cmx100 meter reels.

What is DTF ink?

DTF ink is a pigmented textile type ink specifically for use in DTF printers. The DTF ink available in 100ml and liter bottles.

What is Polyamide DTF?

Polyamide DTF, or Polyamide Powder for DTF, is a white powder with grainy appearances, used to fix ink to fabric. Polyamide powder has the function of sticking the ink to the fabric. DTF polyamide in 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams and Kilo packs.

What types of fabrics can I print with the Epson DTF L1800 printer?

  • Cotton;
  • Brim;
  • Jeans;
  • Dry-fit;
  • Poliviscose;
  • Polyamide;
  • Celetel;
  • Polyester;
  • Lycra.

The advantage of using a printer with white ink to print clothing items is the ease of printing different types of fabrics, without limitation of colors and fabrics.

You can print the following types of fabrics below, in addition to many others that were not mentioned here.

Other aspects

From choosing the type of dtf printer we want and the connectivity we want, there is another set of extras to consider.

  • Automatic  paper loading  is very practical if we have to print a lot, allowing us to keep the paper in another repository
  • Another very useful feature is  automatic two-sided printing  , which will avoid us having to wait to do it manually, saving paper and time (because if we have to do it ourselves we will certainly become lazy)
  • Within home printers, the format is A4, but the  supported paper quality  (maximum weight) varies, especially if the idea is to print on photo paper or cardboard.
  • Some manufacturers offer  page yield per cartridge  , a standard-based figure that, while serving as an approximation, is far from actual use
  • While not decisive, it is worth taking a look at  the print speed of each page  (both monochrome and color, if it allows)

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