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Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

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Darren Star’s Sex and the City is an HBO romantic comedy-drama series set in New York City. It’s based on Candace Bushnell’s novel of the same name from 1997 (Which Sex and the City Character Are You?). The show is set in New York City and The show is set and filmed in New York City and explores the lives of four women — three in their mid-thirties and one in her forties — who, despite their differences in personalities and always changing sex lives, remain inseparable and confide in one another.

The series, which starred Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) and co-starred Kim Cattrall (as Samantha Jones), Kristin Davis (as Charlotte York), and Cynthia Nixon (as Miranda Hobbes), had multiple ongoing storylines that tackled relevant and modern social issues like sexuality, safe sex, promiscuity, and femininity, as well as exploring the gap between friendships and romantic relationships.

All the main characters in the show have the personality of their own, let’s see who you most relate too.

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?: Carrie


Quick-witted, humorous and daring, Carrie Bradshaw is the protagonist of the show. She wears over-priced clothes, attends high-class parties and writes about the state of contemporary relationships. Carrie, while not quite an antihero, is one of the most divisive characters on television in recent memory. She’s quick-witted, humorous, and daring, but she’s also egotistical, impetuous, and terrible at communicating in relationships. She may also be harsh with bisexual boyfriends and sexually adventurous friends, which is paradoxical given her career as a sex columnist (Which Sex and the City Character Are You?).

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?: Charlotte

Charlotte York is the most conservative and traditional of Sex And The City’s girlfriends, and she takes a lot of flak for it. But, while Charlotte has her moments (such as storming out of the friends’ favourite café when Samantha brings up an ugly sexual anecdote), she also participates in a range of talks and excursions (such as dressing in drag) that contradict her stereotype.


Charlotte is dependable and supportive, and while having seemingly rigid notions about what she wants, she demonstrates amazing flexibility and adaptability in obtaining it (Which Sex and the City Character Are You?).

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?: Samantha

Samantha Jones, the famed “trysexual” from Sex And The City, lives her life by her own terms, and her followers adore her for it. The vivacious beauty can always be counted on for a witty remark, an invitation to a glamorous event, or a hilarious anecdote about her wild sexual exploits.

Which Sex and the City Character Are You
Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

She is a consistent source of laughter, adventure, and knowledge for those close to her, and she offers a healthy dose of levity to her occasionally neurotic trio of best pals.


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Hobbes isn’t just the most relatable character in Sex And The City; she’s also the most lovable. Although her critical and pessimistic tendencies sometimes generate friction with her friends, she genuinely cares about them and wants to see them happy and successful.


Miranda’s allure to admirers isn’t based on her flawlessness. Rather, it’s her fragility in the face of adversity, whether it’s an unplanned baby, a stalled career, or a difficult relationship. Despite her flaws, the lawyer’s heart is always in the right place, despite her occasional coldness (Which Sex and the City Character Are You?).

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