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Why do students buy dissertations?

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There are several answers to this question, and none of them is in the plane of discussion: “because they are stupid,” “because they are lazy,” or others are offensive, and at the same time, there are unfounded assumptions.

For “technicians” we offer to get acquainted with the main theses, because of the discussion and justification of the arguments used below the list, which we prepared exclusively to please the “humanities”. So, the main arguments in favor of searching the Internet for something like “buy a course”, “buy a thesis” or buy any other student academic work:

  • Difficulties of the educational process.
  • Problems of part-time students.
  • Not doing and not being able to are not the same thing.
  • A kind of test for entrepreneurial talents.
  • Because it is not deception and does not violate current legislation.

Let’s start not only with the difficulties and wanderings of student life but also with the debunking of several myths. It is very likely that the professors and teachers who so carefully look for proof of your guilt in every letter of your work, in the same way, wore the same “student” for several defenses. Without remorse, they used the “goat” of the senior course for “calculations” and invented a list of used literature.

Because they were young and who was richer – went to discos, and who is less wealthy – to change in the boiler room, to unload cars at the train station, to build a handyman or a caretaker. In general, they did the same thing as you, only each of them considers himself an “outstanding scientific luminary”, and all of us – “lazy bad luck.”

Even though the difficulties of studying at the university can be a huge number. That is why statistical studies in different countries show that theoretically one in seven students bought a student job at least once, and in practice – every second. Please note that masters of Ivy League universities and freshmen of the Volga Institute are equally represented here.

Too many tasks for the student and too strong desire of teachers to show the “high level” even at the expense of artificial underestimation of grades, problems with settlement (when there were not enough places in a hostel and it is necessary to look for and rent habitation), the inquisitive professor. pensions to sit and be observed by a specialist – as the nervous system has long failed).

Even more “fun” for part-time students. After all, in addition to the incredible desire to obtain a diploma that confirms something, they have a disproportionate number of problems:

  • in the workplace (often a diploma for such students is a requirement for compliance with a certain position. In other words, they receive a certificate that they theoretically understand what they already do in practice);
  • with children (and their upbringing), wife, mother-in-law, husband, mother-in-law (that is, we are talking about adults who already live a real-life, and they certainly never understand the intricacies of ethics or “resistance” to writing an essay;
  • with health – very often part-time education is preferred by people with disabilities, as they simply cannot afford daily classes.

As you can see for yourself, we have already analyzed several examples of well-founded and reasoned reasons why students buy their theses. Note that “lazy misfortunes” are not even mentioned. And all because real life is much more complicated than the theory of something heard in lectures at the desk. A separate issue that needs to be clarified is qualification and competence.

Let’s start with the qualifications. For example, I am well versed in theoretical mechanics, but it is very difficult and slow I have a descriptive part. So isn’t it better for me to spend a little more money on a couple of pages and, accordingly, more time to study the mechanics itself? Or just not in the mood to write an essay, or a migraine, or a brother from America came for the first time in 15 years? Generally speaking, understanding a topic and publishing an essay on the same topic is not the same thing, no matter how much the teacher has foam at the board with evidence to the contrary.

The second issue is competence. Agree, that a good surgeon may not understand history, and a talented programmer – in philosophy, or a brilliant biologist – in management. That is, there is a whole list of disciplines that are more than common in nature and really will never be needed in professional activities. Of course, each of us decides to write or order a custom paper writing service. At the same time, it is obvious that someone whose time is expensive and is valued at the dollar exchange rate in the national currency will not prove anything to a candidate of science whose mother, uncle, and grandmother worked at the same institute or university.

You can find out more about the prices, legal status, and quality control of the thesis you are going to buy both on the website and at the phone number listed on each page.

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